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Let us remain fit and fine


In the fast paced world of today, while walking down the lane and rushing towards one’s office, we often forget to remain healthy. We breathe in the smoke and munch on the unhealthy burgers. When the time comes, we are ready to sacrifice our health with the money we make. We fail to understand that health comes first prior to anything else. But on the contrary everyone loves to look beautiful, healthy and fit. People do want to maintain their figure but they do not have a single idea about how to do it. I am definitely not stereotyping the naivety but sincerely speaking very few people know how to ace their health. It is high time that we realize that we need to be fit and not slim. Many people resort to dieting in order to look slim. Dieting may help you decrease your body weight may be for a week and then you regain what you have lost. The best way to tone down your tummy line is by lukewarm water. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with honey in it prior to breakfast. It usually works. Having honey is good. It flushes out fat from your body. If it does not, then you will surely have a smooth bowel movement.


We often like to drink and gulp down mugs of coffee. Have green tea instead and see the magic. If you are hell bent on gyming and exercising, then you must make it a point to eat well. When you try to be fit, then there are all sorts of wrong people around you. They try to discourage you or give you wrong advice. Beware of such unwanted elements. Being healthy does not guarantee your physical well-being; it also means you are mentally fit. Our health depends on the amount of food we consume, the quality of it, and our eating habits, physical activities and inner peace. Keeping a tab on what we eat is necessary to maintain a good body ph level. Eating leafy vegetables and coloured fruits is a good way to balance your bodily acidic levels. Eating meat occasionally will only adverse the chemical balance. Drinking about 2 to 3 litres of water helps in the easy digestion of the food and deals with constipation. Avoid eating junk food. Whenever you feel like munching on such food stuffs, grab a fruit and relinquish your hunger. It will give you the necessary components and energy.


Research shows that how much sleep you get is as important as the amount of food you consume. Sleep for about 7-9 hours for an uninterrupted work regime, to burn more fat, lower your chances of developing insulin resistance. When our bodies do not get adequate rest, our immune system become weak and this being the main reason behind us falling sick more than often. In order to stay healthy, our immune systems must be strong. It is much easier to maintain a healthy body rather than having to repair a sick one. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Human body, as we know of it has a variety of supplements in it. Some of which are namely iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins, phosphorus and others. The homeopath says that whenever these supplements are either in excess or deficiency, the body falls prey to external agents like bacteria, viruses and other microbial organisms. Every change may be the slightest, in your diet matters. It will be amplified when it comes to these micro and macro nutrients. Instead of being overly cautious about your dietary plans and thinning agenda, think before you adapt to such horrendous changes. They can aggravate your body type and will have lasting side effects.


Do not go for overnight magical tricks. All the perfection is achieved only after years of practise. The same language goes with your body.  Make small steps. Start to include salads and fruits in your lunch hours instead of going for wholesome wheat and bread items. Switch to olive oil instead of butter and ghee. Dairy products need only be taken in moderation. If you are big enough and your bones are not that weak, then you need not consume them generously. Be precautious while consuming whole fat milk and cottage cheese. Dairy items like yogurt works wonders but others do not. Eat with others whenever possible. It is true that restaurants have ballooned their proportions just to make you look fat and gain profits. To all the restaurateurs out there, there is a market strategy with every enterprise. It is certainly fair that you guys are doing the same job, but one must be well aware of one’s health. Split the dishes with your friends and do not order huge proportions. If you are not satisfied with your hunger, then complete your meal by a fruit. Fill up on colourful fruits and vegetables. Stay healthy and enjoy your life.

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