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Let your body breathe


You know we women in specific have this crazy problem of worrying about our body structure all the time. We’re practically obsessed, like our life depends on it. And it’s not just the plump or obese ones who worry, it’s those really meek fragile looking ones too. Just as they find their skin feeling like more flesh and less bones, they freak out. As if an extra inch on their body would kill them or something, even when the world just suggests them to eat and look healthier. And now this obsession has finally entered the male fraternity too, and well spread pretty damn fast to be quite honest. Being a fitness freak and being so conscious about what you eat are two different things. What’s the point of looking good if you can’t even eat what you feel like? How much are you willing to compromise for a few inches here and there really? There are clothes for every body type out there then why worry anyway.


There’s this kind of taboo among people lately that you cannot look good if you don’t have the perfect body or you’re not a size zero and you don’t have abs then you can’t look great. Well, no matter how much importance you give to your body, that doesn’t have to be all you think about every day of your life. I don’t say that there’s a need to overeat and you must go and have junk every day because that’s what your heart wants, that’s clearly unhealthy and will end up making you sick. But starving yourself or separating yourself from some good food every once in a while for a reason like that isn’t justified if you ask me personally. No matter how appealing your body is there are many factors apart from that that’ll make you attractive. You don’t make conversations with people because of how fit they are. There is a natural appeal for a fit body, I don’t deny that but then there’s supposed to be an obvious limit set for the amount of significance you attach to it.Staring at yourself all day in front of the mirror wondering if you’ve lost a few more inches or not, or if you fit into that dress you bought 2 years ago is obsessing and nothing else, there isn’t another word for it and it simply doesn’t make sense. It has become so important for people to just look good in today’s world that they don’t see anything beyond it.


I do somewhere understand that your confidence and what you think of yourself, how you feel about yourself is somewhat determined by what you look like when you see yourself in the mirror every morning. Looking good in itself is a big confidence boost because it makes you feel good about yourself and that reflects in your personality and how you conduct yourself all day. But letting it solely determine how you feel about yourself isn’t fair now is it? Our outward appearance has gathered so much importance in our lives today that we fail to see how we can make something more substantial out of ourselves, something better, more productive. If you’re a foodie and you love to eat why should you stop yourself from doing something you love and something that makes you happy just because of a few extra pounds?You can always go the gym and lose those extra pounds. I don’t see the need for compromising on so much just for the sake of looking good. And again, who said that you can’t look good if you’re a little overweight? If you look like you’re happy with yourself and the way you look nobody can ever make you believe otherwise. If you’re unusually fat and you feel the need to look like everyone else just for the sake of fitting in, then your target is correct but your reasons are wrong.


You shouldn’t want to lose weight to fit in or to be able to look like everyone else, like to feel normal. Nobody should be able to make you feel abnormal anyway. Just because you’re a little on heavier side doesn’t mean you’re different or strange. You have the same two legs, two arms, eyes, lips everything, you’re just like everyone else. Fat doesn’t make you weird, it may make you unhealthy so if you want to lose weight do it in order to be healthy and not to change people’s perspective towards you. You shouldn’t be so bothered with such people’s opinion who only judge you on the basis of how they look, because the way you look today is not how you’re going to look forever. That doesn’t have to be a criteria for someone to like you. You should surround yourself with people who accept you the way you are. Your weight is not who you are. Before you shed that weight, get rid of the weight in your head that makes you feel bad about yourself for such reasons. That’s the weight you really need to lose.


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