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How to lead an Active Lifestyle!


Leading an active lifestyle allows you to live better. It has several health benefits- weight control, healthy heart function and an active immune system. You are less susceptible to hypertensions, osteoporosis and diabetes if you maintain an active lifestyle. Being busy all day does not ensure that you are living an active lifestyle. You should ensure that you include some form of exercise in your daily routine. For example, you can jog while walking your dog or walk to your kid’s school to pick him up. Even a minor lifestyle change towards an active life can give great results.

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Here are some ways that you can ensure that you are living an active lifestyle:

  1. Walk

Technology has always tried decreased our labour and time but it is not always advantageous. So, next time skip the elevator and take the stairs. Walk to work or school instead of taking your car. After dinner, instead of lazing in front of the television, walk outside in the fresh air. Enjoy conversations with your family while you walk together. Walk while you are on the phone. If you think carefully, you can add walking to your lifestyle very easily and conveniently. It ensures that your leg muscles are kept active on a regular basis

  1. Household chores

This might sound extremely boring and tedious but this tip is really helpful. When you are home try cleaning up your room or washing dishes by hand. You can even try your hand at cooking. Keeping your hands, legs and body in motion prevents you from getting lazy. Try not to keep a help that does all your work.

  1. Move around often

If you have a desk job, try to get up and move around as frequently as you can. You can do this in the privacy of your cabin or cubicle. When you do not have to type into your computer, you can refresh your mind with a walk or take time to think on the walk. When at home, instead of lying on the couch watching TV, you can take a walk around your neighbourhood, meet people on the road or go to the playground. Being sedentary kills the whole idea of maintain an active lifestyle. More entertaining ways of moving around would be dancing, walking the dog or playing with children.

  1. Exercise

This obviously is the primary tenet of an active lifestyle. Try starting out slowly, without straining yourself excessively. A few exercises a day for ten minutes till you get a rhythm or till you can fit something concrete into your schedule. You can try simple exercises that do not require complicated equipment. Hit a few websites for tips on this. And if you do have a couple of hours, you can hit the gym and get trained by a professional on what is good for your body. Make sure that you continue exercising and do not stop intensive exercising abruptly or you will gain weight immediately. And just like that, do not start heavy exercises on the first day. Slowly ramp up your exercise schedule. Maintaining a constant exercise schedule is much better for your body than heavy and inconsistent exercise.

  1. Adopt a dog

Buy or adopt a dog. Taking care of a dog on your own, especially walking him will ensure that you get a lot of exercises. You can jog when your dog i walking. Since it requires to be taken out twice a day for his business, you are sure to get some exercise in this manner. Even when he is not doing his business, playing around with the dog at home can be an exercise for you and your whole family. This will also keep them entertained and kids love dogs.

  1. Eat healthy

When you are at store for a quick bite, do not go for the yummiest thing on the menu, go for the healthiest. Substitute your cola for a fruit juice. Swap that donut with an apple. Swap your buttered chicken steak with a green salad. Instead of waking up to a cupful of coffee, make yourself a green smoothie that will you give you more energy, protein and vitamins that a cupful of caffeine. Self control in this matter will lead to a healthy and active lifestyle. Try not to over eat. Eating a lot drives all your blood to the stomach to help your body digest food effectively. This in turn makes you sluggish and dull, instead of light and active. Fruits and juices keep your body cool and light, so that you can maintain an active lifestyle.

  1. Be active on weekends

Weekend is a time when everyone wants to relax after a tough week at the workplace or school. Instead of lying around the house the whole weekend, you can invest your time in a bunch of recreational activities. This will refresh both your mind and body. Try going for treks, hikes, biking trips with your friends or your family. Go out for a picnic, try your hand at a new sport or play catch with your kids. The great outdoors is the best place to be active and weekends give you ample free time to do so. These activities also allow you to disconnect from the troubles at the office, home or school and ensures that your mind is engaged somewhere else for a long time. This cleanses your mind and often calms you down.

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