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Kindle: Pick or Drop?


Kindle, as we all know is an e-book reader launched by Amazon in the year 2007. Now, Kindle is the ‘new-in’ thing for all the bookworms. It seems to be the most comfortable option and some people see it like as a long term investment. But is reading a book from kindle just as good as reading a normal book? Would kindle really beat the traditional type of books, that we have been in use for centuries? These are a few common questions which many people have been debating ever since amazon launched it’s e-book reader,Kindle. With Kindle doing extremely well, the sales of the traditional type of books have been on a decline. But if you don’t own a kindle and are considering to buy one, here are some things you should know.

1 Compatibility:

Kindle is comparatively more compact than a normal book, as it can hold hundreds of books at a time. It can hold books of the format of mobi, and one can also put files in pdf format, but the font size of the pdf format is really small and one needs to zoom in, in order to be able to read the book. Kindle is extremely light weight as in comparison to a book. Kindle weighs at least 6 times lighter than a normal book would.  Remember those days, when you used to pick out books for travelling. Well if you own a kindle those days are gone. You can carry as many books as you want. So if one is on a go then it is better to own a kindle as one can read as many books at the same time. The kindle occupies less space in your baggage than the books.

2. Delivery:

Going out to buy books has always been an adventure, but there are times when we just don’t want to get up and go out of the house to go to the bookshop. Yes, online shopping is the new-in thing, but then again one has to wait for at least a day for the book to get delivered to their houses. Whereas in the case of a kindle, all one has to do is make an account in Amazon, if you don’t have one and buy e-books from there and get the book the very next instant. Most of the time they have offers on books, which makes buying books from them even more attractive. They also have certain books which one can get for free, though most of them are classics.

3. Cost and Availability:

Kindle is like a onetime investment. There are various models of kindle which are present in the market. You pay for it once and then all you do is keep collecting books in it. It’s like one place where you have all your books. But you can buy kindle only on the amazon site. It is not available anywhere else. They usually have attractive offers available even on Kindle. So in case you are planning to buy one, it is better to look for an attractive offer.

4. Innovation:


With Kindle being a real big hit and the changes taking place in technology throughout the year, there has been a drastic change in the technology which is used for kindle. It started off as an e-book reader with a keyboard, then a virtual keyboard which was controlled by the few buttons present and now the kindle comes with a touch screen and with a virtual keyboard which is controlled by touch. Kindle has been innovating at a good speed. But then again innovation isn’t always bliss. The Kindle Fire HD, which was launched recently has managed to kill the feel of the kindle completely as one can load games and social media apps on it. The new Kindle mixes both the feel of social-life and the private life of the readers. The Kindle Fire, is targeted towards a broader audience.  One can also download the books on their android and iOS gadgets as they offer the Kindle app for the avid readers.

5. Killing the Feels:

The older version of kindle still gave one the feel of reading a book. The screen had a feel which was similar to a book. But now as the change in technology, the screen of the kindle has become more electronic in nature. The screen of the kindle has changed since the innovation of Kindle Paper White. The new screen is more harmful for the eyes and one should avoid reading on it during the dark. But that facility of being able to read from kindle in the dark which wasn’t there till the 5th generation of the Kindle.

6. The Verdict:


In short, it began as a good gadget with main motive of providing to the needs of a book worm in a technological manner, but as people are becoming more and more social these days and rather spend time on social networking sites than reading a book, is killing the vibe of Kindle. It has started to bend in order to be able to sell their product to a larger group of people. The gadget, is a must buy for all those who travel a lot and indulge into heaving reading.

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