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Khloe’s “Revenge Body” Trainers Reveal 7 Mistakes That Keep You From Losing Weight

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Khloe’s “Revenge Body” Trainers Reveal 7 Mistakes That Keep You From Losing Weight

4. Changing Everything All at Once

“Most of my clients are ‘alphas,’ meaning that they’re used to juggling many things at once, and so when we start a new weight loss plan, they want to do it all at once too,” Winhoffer says. You might be able to manage this for a little while but over time you’ll get overwhelmed. “When it comes to change, slow really is better,” she adds. This is especially true in the gym; jumping in too quickly can lead to injuries and burnout.

Do this instead: Give yourself permission to take your time and only change one thing at once. Then when you know you can stick with it, add a new thing. For instance, instead of saying no junk food ever again, start by cutting out added sugars. Once you’re solid on that, eliminate fried foods. Or, make a goal to hit the gym three days a week. Once you’re doing that, add a fun fitness class.

5. Depriving Yourself of All Your Favorite Foods

One of the most common causes of “failing” on a diet is underestimating how powerful your feelings about certain foods can be, Winhoffer says. “We naturally have an emotional connection to food,” she explains. “People who completely remove a type of food will feel emotionally unstable and will think that the plan can’t work for them.”

Do this instead: It’s fine to have a treat sometimes, so just relax and enjoy it, she says. You’ll lose weight as long as the calories you eat are less than the calories you burn so plan the occasional splurge into your calorie count.

6. Looking at Exercise Like a Chore

Do you dread going to the gym? Then you won’t go, at least not for long, Winhoffer says. “We are all human and if we aren’t having fun, we will eventually fail with our fitness goals,” she says. Of course there will be moments in every exercise routine that will be tough (and if there weren’t you wouldn’t lose fat and gain muscle!) but your whole workout shouldn’t feel like a slog, she adds.

Do this instead: Too many people think they hate working out when the reality is they simply haven’t found the right workout for them yet. “Plan fun into your schedule, both in and out of the gym, and you will have more balance in your life,” she says. There are so many options — from dancing to rock climbing to hiking to cycling tours — to help you break a sweat while still enjoying yourself.

7. Fearing the Weight Room

Weight lifting has so many powerful physical and mental benefits, especially for women trying to lose weight. Yet there are still a lot of ladies who avoid strength training and it’s holding them back in their weight loss goals, Borden says. “Heavier strength training releases powerful fat burning hormones,” she says. “Lifting is especially vital for people who are looking to lose a lot of weight.” Plus it will help give you a sexy shape as you drop pounds.

Do this instead: “Lift weights and don’t be afraid to go heavy!” Borden says. If you’re not sure where to start, check in with a personal trainer. And if you’d prefer to steer clear of the gym, there are tons of bodyweight strength workouts you can do anytime, anywhere.

8. Skimping on Sleep

“Women will not get enough sleep, thinking they can ‘catch up’ later — you can’t,” Borden says. This is disastrous for weight loss because sleep regulates your hormones so when you don’t get enough sleep your body increases the cortisol. Cortisol, also known as the “stress” hormone, increases your hunger levels and makes you crave sugar, she explains. Not to mention that trying to get through a good workout when you’re already feeling exhausted is a losing battle, she adds.

Do this instead: Make getting 7-9 sleep your number one priority and don’t compromise, she says. “You’ll feel more balanced, calm, and ready to achieve your goals,” she adds.

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