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What keeps you healthy in summer?


Seasons like summer, winter, autumn, etc keeps on changing and so our style of living also keeps on changing. Like in winters we need woolen stuff while in summers we do not even go near to woolen clothes. Beautiful summer with its scorching heat has arrived. And so with summers, the most commonly asked question also comes that is how to stay healthy and fit in summers. Well right below some really amazing tips are given for your help.

Stay cool and hydrated

stay hydrated

In summers, it is very important to drink water. If you go out for shopping or for hangouts during the daytime then do carry a water bottle with you. Keep on drinking water during the day at regular interval of time. This will help you to stay cool and refresh. Try to drink more and more water when you wake up, this is because your body needs more and more water for proper functioning of the body. During the day, our body needs great amount of amount due to perspiration. At least 5-6 liters of waters, you should drink everyday.

Avoid direct sun exposure

avoid sun exposure

During summers, the heat of sunrays arises to great heights. Exposure to ultra-violet rays of the sun creates various types of skin problems which also includes skin cancer. You should use good quality sunscreens for sun protection. For the sunburns, the Aloe Vera gel is a very effective remedy. Aloe Vera gel is healing remedy which provides coolness and refreshes your skin. It’s good to grow Aloe Vera plant at home.

Extract some time for exercise


During summers, the days become really lazy ones. Over this coolers and air conditioners adds more laziness, which is not a good thing. You should spend some time on exercise and yoga activities. Engage yourself in some activities which includes great movement like running, dancing, swimming, skipping, jumping, playing etc. All these activities really help in calming and refreshing your mind and body. For better functioning of mind and body, Aerobic exercises are really beneficial.

Fruits and vegetables nourishment


Consumption of more and more light natural things will help you feel relaxed. Avoid eating heavy and oily cooked product. This will help you staying light and healthy. Usually when you cook food then some important nutrients get destroyed. In summers you need a lot amount of energy which can be gained by delicious fruits and vegetables. Fruits cool down your body temperature. Regular consumption of fruits also helps in proper balance of water in our body. You should try to avoid junk food since these foods secretes chemicals in our body which either makes you lazy or fat. And even if you intake such junk food then do have a plate full of fresh fruits to level down the effect of those chemicals.

Plan a trip

plan trip

It is always good to go out with your family and friends on a long trip. Hangouts and trips relieve our mind and removes stress. A trip builds our broken confidence and motivates for innovational activities. Journey to a particular location always leaves back all the tensions which we carry all the time in our mind. Summer is the best time to plan for such trips, since at this time you can enjoy rains, beaches and along with that you don’t have to carry much luggage due to sweaters (like in winters). You can freely enjoy your journey.

Make yourself comfortable


Try to remove all negativity from yourself. Even if you don’t like summers then too try to find out the positivity of summer season. It is not possible to ignore summer, so try to match with summers season and find out all its attractive points like arrival so many tasty fruits, bright sun which provides Vitamin D which is very important for our skin. Morning breeze will definitely soothes your mind and will make you fresh and active all day long.

Summer tea

summer tea

You should not drink that regular milk tea during summers because this tea can lead to acidity problem. Go for summer tea. Summer tea are very easy to make, take glass filled with clean fresh spring water and then add peppermint, hibiscus, red clover flowers or even lemon grass can also prove to be a good choice. Leave it in summers shine for two hours or even more if you want. Thereafter add lemon slice or orange slice to your tea and hence it is ready to drink. You can even make moon tea with same kind of procedure. This is the most easiest way to rejuvenate yourself in summers.

Do interest activities


This is the time when you should do things which are not part of your life, but those things are part of your dreams or interest. Do not idle or waste your whole day in watching televisions, try to do something creative. In this way you will start exploring new thing and start colleting experiences out of it. Do not back step from any difficult task since after completing that task you will fell overwhelmed and confident. This will make you life with a permanent motto “yes! I can do it”.


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