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Keep Calm and Plan


Quick question. What is a problem that almost everybody in the world – regardless of their age or occupation – has faced more than once? Any guesses? It is extremely common and extremely easy to treat too but it can prove to be hazardous if not dealt with properly. And when you think deeply, you might be suffering with it even now, and so would be those around you. That’s all the hints for now. Those who have guessed by now know that the answer’s simple and those who haven’t, there’s no need to take any stress because that’s the answer. Stress!

Everyone is under immense workload these days. Office people have their targets to complete, students have their exams to look out for and retired people just get stressed with the family problems. Basically every aspect of life presents us with some kind of stress, be it work, family or social pressure. It is not that hard to deal with, you just don’t need to lose your nerve under the pressure but if you do, it can break you down or even take you into depression. So stress maybe something that we deal with frequently, but it’s not something to take lightly for sure. Discussed here is a simple plan to overcome stressful situations in life without letting it affect you a bit.


One thing that stress has is an obvious cause. It is caused due to excessive workload, that is, when you have too much work to do in too little time. That’s when you stop acting wisely and start making irresponsible decisions under pressure of the situation only to get stressed even further and ultimately, the situation gets better of you. The plan to keep it simple at such times is simple, the plan is to plan. Whenever you are experiencing tough times, don’t panic. Just keep calm and plan your way through that situation. Be it exam pressure or workload, when you are stressed just follow a daily plan. Every morning when you wake up meditate on your situation for a few minutes. Set a daily target according to your situation and work towards achieving that. Plan your day and then follow the plan without giving any attention to the complete target.

Planning for the day at the start of day itself gives us a few advantages. It decreases time spent on decision making. All the major decisions are made together at the start of the day and this helps going over the choices in the middle of the day. Moreover, making those decisions with a calm mind helps you make them better as compared to what you would in the middle of the day in between a stressful situation. The situation would be demanding attention and hence you won’t be able to give much attention to the decision and maybe make a wrong one. Therefore it’s better to focus on the work through the day and on the decisions in the morning.

Crises are reduced when target is achieved through daily planning. Since the effort is on a limited target for a day and ultimate target is kept in the background, too much pressure is not built. Until the daily target is taken care of, there is no panic and hence no crises. However if the complete target is focused upon instead, the immense workload itself builds up pressure and negativity. The huge task expresses a possibility of failure which generates fear and hence crises. There is no such fear in daily planning as the target is small and within reach, dealing with it is easy and hence the situations rarely lead to any crises in the life.

Daily planning increases the quantity and quality of your work. If you have a plan, you will not waste any time on tasks that are not priority and instead you can focus all your energy on exactly what you need to accomplish. With you no longer working on the unnecessary part of the work, the quantity of useful outcome is bound to increase and since there would be no time wasted on those tasks, the time to devote to important tasks will only increase and with more time, you would obviously be able to produce better quality of results. Therefore reflecting upon the important tasks at hand in the morning allows you to have a better control of your work and not only finish the work on time but also with better outcomes.

Daily Planning

In the stressful battle that life has turned into, planning has become a necessity. Without it, many people have failed and many will when the situation tests their limit. Even with it some people have bowed down, those who failed to follow their plan. But those who know how to make a plan and how to follow it have one less thing to worry about, stress. They know that how great a trouble stress may be, they have found the appropriate response to it and hence they are immune to it. We can be too because stressful times are bound to come, it’s up to us whether we remember the response or not. Keep calm and plan because ultimately, it helps you keep calm.

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