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Keep Calm and Cool Down: Controlling Anger


The most unexpected and unwanted feeling in the world is the feeling of anger and rage. It is not only an unwanted feeling and undesired one for you as an individual but also for your near and dear ones. You should always be careful and try to keep your temper under control. But it is totally humane if you fail to do so and lose your calm at a few occasions. You need not worry in such situations. You might feel that your anger is going out of control and there is now way how you can control it and tame your red hot emotions but do not worry; there are a few ways using which you can do this. Here is the list of ways to control your anger. These tips will surely help you big time.

Controlling Anger!


Count down

This is something that many people might have told you. And to add to your amazement, this is indeed the most effective way of taming your anger. Whenever you are in a furious mood, all you need to do is try to stay calm. And how do you do it? You need to fold your fists and keep it tight, start counting down from one to ten. A slow count is always more effective. The moment you finish your count down, you will find yourself in a much calmer environment and atmosphere than you were in about moments ago.

Deep breathing

Another proven way of controlling anger is by deep breathing. Breathing makes your senses go calm and keeps your tempers in control. You just need to slowly breathe in and then breathe out. Things just cannot get simpler than this. Breathing will help you control your own body and deep breathing is the best practice for this. Over the ages, this is what has been the source of calmness of sages and saints. The art of yoga promotes the technique of staying calm and composed in the most unfavorable environments. So take a deep breath and move on. This is the best thing you can do in such testing times.

Your anger, your way!

As an individual you must be knowing something that keeps you calm and composed and in a jovial mood. So whenever you feel this heat, you need to shift your focus towards something that you like to do. When you start thinking about something else, you tend to forget the cause for your own anger and thus your intense antagonistic mood seems to dwindle down by leaps and bounds. This is very tough to get into practice. Simply because of the reason that very few people have great control over their own senses and they can deviate their moods to something else at times of anger. But then why take the easy route every time? Go ahead and try to tame your anger by using this method and learn the art of controlling one’s own senses.

Vent it out

If you cannot think of anything else, you simply need to vent out your anger. Venting out could be done anywhere. Make sure you do not vent out all your anger and aggression on any particular person as it could yield problems in the long term relationships with the people. So you can vent out anger by screaming aloud, punching in the pillows or the bean bags, or you may simply speak your heart out and rant in front of a trusted friend or a family member. There can be no better way than this. The most important aspect of this methodology is the fact that it is never good to keep a lot of anger tamed in your heart. Because the transition phase of anger to sorrow and grief won’t take long. And when this grief and anger combine, it piles up the agony for you.


Change the company and topic of discussion

It is a known fact that changing the topic of discussion is never easy when you are in a grumpy mood. So you just need to change the people around you. This does not mean a total change of people around you and you start boycotting people; this would be the worst scenario. Changing the company implies for a shorter period of time. However, if your anger is a prolonged one and always because of people around you, you need to make amends and make a permanent shift to get a jovial environment. When you change the company, you automatically tend to get into the right mix of things and new discussions spring up among new people. So this is something that can help you out.

Walk out

Lastly, this is the thing that you can do to get rid of your anger. It might sound and appear a little rude to walk out in such a situation, but it is for your benefit. When you walk out, you simply get away from the aura that the anger has created. A change in physical atmosphere does have a psychological impact on your mind which can give you a calming effect. So the next time you are feeling the heat of anger, just walk out and have control on yourself.


Taming anger is a master to be expert at. You can do it provide you do it in the right way.

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