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She is just SO into you!


This article I dedicate to all those guys who are prey to young love. Those guys who spend hours of their college lives thinking about this beautiful girl who sits in front of them everyday, looking like a Goddess, making you fall in love with her. I feel that most of the guys (the nice and sweet ones) underestimate themselves big time! Of course, there are the jerks who always have their heads in the air. But, let us leave them alone foe this one. So! I am talking about the nerds here. Oh yes, I am. You guys! You Star Wars loving, Call of Duty playing, comic referencing geeks! Everyone deserves love. So do you guys. But, the problem is that the society sometimes makes you guys feel so rejected that somewhere down the line, you just stop expecting that good things will and can happen to you. Even when the wind of love hits you right in the face, you just do not notice! How do you know if she is crushing on you? Well, you’ll know now!

Let me first by asking you: Are you in love with someone? Do you like someone? I am sure most of you will say yes. Even if you do not acknowledge it, I know that there is that one ‘she’ on your mind while you’re reading this article. Knowing how most of the nerds are, I think it is safe to guess that you guys are oblivious of the fact that there is someone who likes you. Have you seen The Big Bang Theory? ( Hello Leonard-Penny reference!) The world swoons over nerd girls but not the guys. How I hate that! Why the discrimination? Tip number 1 for life is: You should let anyone make you feel less worthy than you are. You know who you are. You do not need a certificate of approval from anyone. And seriously, if you like someone, go tell her! What is the worse that could happen?

For all those guys who are ignorant of the fact that ‘she’ likes you, please see the below mentioned points and, think hard and see if ‘she’ actually fits in any of the points. So, here is the list!

1) Playful and Inviting Conversation

When you strike a conversation with her, she can be all ‘polite and friendly’ but, if she is crushing on you, there is a pretty good chance that the conversation will become playful and flirtatious. If she laughs at all your jokes and compliments you a lot- it doesn’t mean that she ‘like’ likes you but, if she sees you, leans forward, and says that you look great in that shirt, please commit to memory that she is interested in you.

2) She is always nice to you

When she has a genuine interest in your well being and she goes over board to take care of you or make you feel cared for, then it means that you mean something to her. Something important. The general rule is that the more thoughtful the gift, the more she is interested in being with you.

3) Her friends say: ‘She is into you!’

Are they not just the words that you want to hear? I know they are. So, the ultimate give up is the secret that her best friends hold. If they start teasing her by your name or tell you that she is into you, it is probably because she talks about you a lot. So, when you finally gather the courage for taking her out on a date, please do not use a cheesy line!!

4) You guys hang out a lot

Slowly, as you two get to know each other, she feels like seeing you more and more. If your meetings were highly rare in the beginning but have increased slowly with time, that too, on her instance, then I think you have something really sweet to smile about!

5) She finds ways to talk to you

Has it ever happened that she asks you for help on some Math problem but then, you happen to figure out that she is a pro at it? Well, you just got played into ‘crushville’. If she goes out of her way and tries to find so she could talk to you, you have to admit that she is making a pretty decent attempt at making you notice her.

See, all girls are different and there are no hard and fast rules. You just got to know how to interpret her every action. Not every polite girl flirts and not every nice girl is slutty. There are so many different kinds of girls. You have to get to know someone enough to find out what she wants to tell you. Girls are shy creatures and they want all the hearts and flowers. They want the romance. Most importantly, they want you guys to be brave and ask them out. Do not shy away. All this is a part of life. If you like and she likes you back, you never know what might happen. Just one request: Please do not underestimate yourselves. Attempt to find out if she’s into you!

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