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Just friends


Just friends


Everyone has lot more friends in life some special friend, some best friends, some of them are guy best friends and all sorts of friend list one would have. Similarly there is a great book out there written on “Just Friends” by Sumrit Shahi. He has presented wonderful relation that this two friends share. As there many people out there who ask that whether a guy and a girl just be friends, has been beautifully answered in this novel by Sumrit Shahi. Who don’t believe read this book it will change your mind and those who do still read as it is beautifully written a story that revolves around friendship of a girl and a boy.

Sumrit Shahi is an Indian writer and novelist he writes for television also. He has written many of the short stories as well as screenplays. The guy name is Aryan and girl name is Tanie, two youngsters studying together all through school and hostel with group of friends along. We all relate this stories to our life instances as we all had huge group of friends, tantrums, group studying, homework, fever of exams, crushes, first love, sports and all such stuff were important part of our lives too. For some school life was fun and amazing time spent with all in their growing age while for some it was struggle for their life. We all have that humorous incidents and inside joke of each one, nick names for each and what not we had, it still makes me nostalgic when I recall those memories and when I read this book I was into my school days back again, feeling all rejuvenated and nostalgic again. The moment I read the front cover stating “Can a boy and girl just be friends?” I was keen on buying this and wanted to read it. Even the back cover of this is beautifully summarized on how real best friends are. His writing did not disappointment me as his humor and emotions has been balanced well. Even the few sentences written as short poems inspired me a lot. There is little line which I would like to mention which he mentioned in the book which amazed me:

“Strangers till yesterday,

Acquaintances today

Friends now.” I sensed connectivity with that book and I am sure you all will do.

I bet now-a-days a boy has a girl best friend and vice versa scene is found. That one person is the one whom you keep nagging all the time; you keep bombarding that person with all sorts of secrets and things you want to share. Right from the favorite color to your favorite games, favorite food item to favorite model, her period dates to his cheesy websites, his or her deepest secrets and guilty acts are well aware by each one of the other. There is not such a single thing which you don’t mention or you fail to inform. You know you can count on your that friend whenever you want and at whatever time it maybe. Maybe it 12 in the night or 4 in the morning you feel nothing to call up for help and the biggest part is that person will come to help you without a second thought. The inside joke which only you both know and no one else. You can cry like hell or laugh the funniest way in front of that one person, you don’t feel ashamed to act the weirdest with that person. You don’t need topics to talk to that person you can keep blabbering whole time all the nonsense things around. Wherever you want to go that is the one person you end up calling along. If you are girl and has a boy best friend he is your driver, gossiping friend, every new experiment you try on him, shopping partner, your care taker every dam thing. If you are boy she more than your girlfriend less than friend, you do anything to make her happy and keep her smiling. You are ready to be her model to try new things out. You know each other in and out thoroughly, even your parent won’t you know that much. If one of you is upset or angry you try to make up things which you might don’t even do if your boyfriend or girlfriend gets upset. Not all of them are same but I did once. I always give my first preference to friends. They are lifeline and trust me if you find the right ones it is a treasure you will have throughout life and those are the best moment in one’s life. Everyone around you feels that you both are couple but you know what relationship you share with each other. Isn’t it? Most of them will agree with this as you may have experienced such instances one or the other time.

You cannot prove what kind of relationship you share so instead of clearing things out you leave people saying things about you. Like you cannot live without each other but “yet you are not in love, you are just friends”.


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