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Internet – Life without it: Impossible


The internet is a global system of computer networks. It promotes the open development all over the world. It has changed our lives enormously; there is no doubt about it. It has now been a revolutionary idea. The reason for this is that it is changing the way in which one lives and run his/her businesses in the way which one has never imagined before. It has made lives easier and better. One has a wealth of information on fingertips at home, at work and on the move. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without it. The web has transformed the way one work, play and interact with each other. But there are many advantages and disadvantages that internet provides.

Internet has given one the ability to find out information at the simple click of a mouse and a few strokes of the keys. One can find a recipe for a new dish and get review and considerations of the things one wants to know. Years ago, to have information about anything, one had to turn towards the books but now everything has become easier.

Book and internet

For businesses, the internet has proven to be the most successful with what one is doing as it encourages social networking that has led to doubling one’s profit. Due to the internet, businesses reach more people offline. Online businesses have proved better themselves than the offline ones.

Internet has made many things easier and has brought to mind many new ways of doing the things that one normally does. It offers one access to resources and ideas that one would otherwise have not access. It has allowed one to keep in contact with friends and family who are far away whereas, in a world without the internet, these may have become mere distant relationships. It has allowed one to make the new social connections through one’s involvement with blogging. It has improved one’s ability to communicate with people more frequently and efficiently. This increase in communication has a positive impact on one’s career and personal life. It provides one with a speed with which one can express his/her feelings. It allows one to spend precious time at home without abandoning one’s work, friend and family responsibilities.

In addition, people are now doing banking and shopping online. It has solved the problem of going out of the house. One can order anything online anything. One can buy goods and services with a record amount of online sales. Internet has also helped in choosing a better place to travel and enjoy. Nowadays, one can order a holiday brochure before going away. It has made life easier for one to find out information about the resort and accommodations before one make his/her choice. Nine out of ten research a holiday online before booking it.

It allows one to become really aware of all kinds of details in a short amount of time like the weather and the world news. One can also have limitless reading material on the internet. It has allowed the creation of digital products. It seems as if we have entered the golden age. Internet has become a necessity. It has a massive influence on society at large. All thanks to the web that one can chat to others and make friends with people from all over the world without stepping foot outside the front door.

Education is one of the best things that the internet can provide. There are a number of books, reference books, online help centres, expert’s views and other study orientedmaterial on the internet that can make the learning process very easier as well as a fun learning experience. There are lots and lots of websites which are related to different topics. One can visit them and can gain endless amount of knowledge that one wishes to have. With the use of internet for education, one is no-longer dependent on some other person to come and teach him/her. There are various number of tutorials available over the internet using which one can learn so many thing very easily. There can’t be any excellent use of the internet other than education as it is the key to achieve everything in life.

But internet also makes one very lazy. Having reading material on the web, no one bothers to visit library, book-shops. Due to online banking and shopping, one has lost the pleasure of involvement. One’s patience has disappeared. Since one is in a habit of internet, one wants things immediately. Persons have also become two-faced like on face book. One makes a fake account on these social sites and this causes the present teenagers to get webbed by the fakers. Some teenagers lose their true pleasure of their lives and some lose their lives.


Also it is possible for the internet users to become habitually addicted. People suffering from Internet addiction use the virtual world to as a substitution for real-life human connection. Thus using internet can be both useful and harmful. One can get addicted to it and lose the real pleasures of reading, shopping, playing and many more things that one can miss. So it’s better to make a balanced use of internet to have a better life.

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