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How to be insanely productive



We all wish to perform at our peak levels. It lets us feel great about ourselves and achieve spectacular results. But in this time of massive distractions, attaining the required focus requires efforts. We can’t just watch television and read the news while working on the in-hand task. Sadly, with increasing technology, distractions are increasing. People spend countless hours playing angry words or having senseless conversations on whatsapp. In todays time, focus is the most essential trait for you to perform at your peak level. But, sometimes talking just don’t work. What we need to do is imbibe the tactics and habits that will make us productive. Here are a few ideas for you to be insanely productive-

1. Never check your e-mail or messages first thing in the morning (unless it’s the part of your job)

It’s the one thing we’ve heard a thousand times but still end up doing. I can relate to that urge that we all go through like, ‘Let me check it for a second’. But, soon the second turns out into an hour and we end up wasting the most productive period of the day. Mornings are supposed to be productive, creative, and nourishing. So, chuck the mails and messages, and leave them for the afternoon!

2. Set your 3 Big goals for the day

During the period of distractions, the 3 main goals that we’ve created for the day will keep us on the move. Just ask this question to yourself once, ‘What 3 things do I need to do today for this day to be amazing?’. And remember to not just set goals but do them as well. Make this a brain tattoo, ‘Don’t just set goals, do them!’.

3. Conserve your energy

Do not let unproductive activities drain your levels of energy. During work hours, do not indulge in off-topic conversations, don’t watch the news, don’t think about something that shouldn’t be given a thought. Don’t confuse it with not taking a break between work. I am just saying that when you’re working, just work!

4. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking simply makes no sense. It takes as much time as single tasking does. It reduces productivity and leads to mistakes at times. Our brain performs more productively when it focusses on thing at a time. Switching between tasks will not drain our energies but will also reduce productivity. So, chuck the multitasking ritual. Now!

5. Find some time to think and reflect

Have you been taking out some time to listen to yourself? The time when you reflect on your goals, dreams, desires, and plans. It is so important to re-fuel and re-fill our brains frequently. Having a conversation with yourself is the best way to do that. I prefer writing in a Journal at least once every day. Having a conversation with ourselves helps us attain clarity about our life, goals and vision.

6. Indulge in a meeting when you’re not at your peak!

In other words, preserve the important tasks for the times when you’re feeling your best. Meetings, as such, don’t require too much energy and focus. So, it’s better to have meetings when you’ve completed most of the important stuff. The time after you have a meal is perfect for difficult tasks (since you’re loaded with energy after a meal!).

7. Plan the end-result of your meetings in advance

It happens a lot of times- we get in a meeting, discuss the details, and then the drama begins which leads us nowhere to go. Wouldn’t it be better if we could plan the end result of the meeting before hand? Spend a least 2-3 minutes thinking about the meeting and the end-result you want out of it. This way, you’ll go with more clarity and direction.

8. Have a positive state of mind

You are bound to perform better when you have a positive state of mind. When you’re focused on the solution rather than the problem, good results are bound to come. See every problem as an opportunity to grow. This small change in the mind leads to spectacular results overtime. So if an upcoming event is making you anxious, think of it as an opportunity to be your absolute best!

9. Rest when you need to

When you’re low and sleepy, the best thing to do is take a short nap. Science actually says that taking a short nap during the day can enhance productivity and creativity. Stay away from technology for some time everyday. It will help you refill and rejuvenate.

10. Celebrate small wins

Focusing on the progress we’ve made can actually help us to achieve more. For a few minutes everyday, shift your focus on the good things in life. Ideally, you should write a gratitude list in your journal. Or make a ‘good thing jar’. Whenever something good happens write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. Open the jar at the end of the year. Cheers!














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