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How to Impress someone when you meet for first time: 7 Tips


Whenever you go out for a meet then it is very important to make a good impression on other. It is said that first impression is the last impression, so everyone should present herself or himself in a better way on the first meet. Impression is something which plays a very important role in everyone’s life. If you have given a marvellous impression on others then that quality will only decide how your friendship or relationship will go on with that person.

Build your confidence level

be confident

The very first thing you should do is to build up your confidence level. It is pretty obvious to get nervous a little because it’s your first meet. But you should not panic or overreact on this. The person with whom you are going to meet is not an animal that he or she will eat you up. Just take a chill and make all your plans with great comfort. It is difficult to talk to such a person who is very nervous. And then gradually the opposite one will also avoid taking interest in you. Show your confidence by firmly shaking hands with the other person. If you belong to a reserve culture where touching opposite gender is not allowed then you can simply say hello, this will also look good. Usually people are afraid to talk to strangers but you do not have to worry when you are meeting someone first time. They are not strangers.

Proper posture

proper posture

It is very important to make a proper posture while standing or sitting. Uneven posture will make you look clumsy or weak. A proper, strong, and smart posture will make your personality look perfect. Your posture and your body language define that what type of personality you are. If you walk clumsily then it will show that either you are nervous or you are not interested in meeting and if you walk with an attitude then it will give you a celebrity look which can attract anyone. Try not to keep your hands folded because this shows arrogance or either you are trying to defend yourself from that other person. You should have a straight clear walk. Keep you back straight and let your hands go with the flow.

Calm down

calm down

Make yourself comfortable about this meet. Meet like you are meeting with your close friend. No need to be too much formal if this is a casual meet and not an office meet. Try to start a conversation in a very pleasing and calm way. Do not ever show your opponent that you’re scared or a bit nervous. If this is your office meet then your opponent may take the advantage of your fear. Your chilled and happy behaviour will not only help you making a true and healthy conversation but also helps you in getting success in your meeting purpose. Just remember one thing, try to be real and not fake, this is because false things does not exist for a longer period of time.

Smile please!

smile please

Now smile is the most beautiful expression on your face. Smile can do wonders. Sometimes smile especially girl’s smile may lead to many problems so it is better to deliver a smile at right and appropriate place. But this does not mean that you should not smile. Smile is very important for a friendly meet. A single smile with a sorry can help you in getting out of every small misunderstanding. But if you keep smiling all the time then that will make you look fake. Try to be cautious about your attitude.

Proper eye contact

eye contact

When you meet a person you should have an eye contact with that person. It is said that your eyes speak more than your words. So it is good to use your eyes for better conversation. When you avoid making an eye contact then it shows that either you are not interested in talking to the other person or you are feeling uneasy with that person. Your eye contact with that person will help you in having a better and clear conversation.

Good dressing style

dressing sense

You need to dress up properly for the first meet. Now if it’s a date then you should wear something occasional and unique dress like evening gown or dress. If it’s an office meat then wear something formal like pant with shirt and tie or your office dress. If it’s a casual meet then you should wear something casual like jeans with T-shirts or skirts etc. You need to have a good dressing sense because if you are going to wear occasional dress on a formal meet then it will give a bad impression on the other person.

Good sense of humor

sense of humour

Just like dressing sense you need to have a good sense of humor too. All kinds of meet require some tension releaser moments and that moment can come only when you have a good sense of humor. Try to be clear about what you say and it should not be a fuss. It is better that you pass those jokes which are tried by you in your local groups. In this way, you can play safely without any fear of getting insulted.


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