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IMMUNE SYSTEM: Your body’s body guard


Are you one of those who fall ill quite often? Do you feel bad that you can’t enjoy that cool shower during rains? Perhaps you also can’t enjoy cool soft drinks and ice creams because you start sneezing and coughing within minutes? Do you also get irritated over the fact that you are allergic to a dozen of things? And the last question, are you the only one in your family who becomes ill for sure whenever the weather undergoes a shift?

The reason behind all the above mentioned problems is quite simple-weak immunity. Yes, it’s the strength of our immunity that decides for how long we can resist a particular foreign pathogen or any physical stress caused. Not only this, immunity also governs the time period required in healing. Basically, having a poor immunity means that your body’s lymphocytes or WBC (White Blood Cells) are not properly at work. Either your body is not producing them in required amount or the process of renewal is going really slow. The role of immunity does not end here. Many times it is responsible for a person’s death as well. If any infection causing agent happens to enter into your system then it completely depends on your immunity whether to oppose it, resist it for a while or to completely give up at once.

You must have been wondering by now that can you do something to boost your immunity. Well, this question has been troubling scientists since many years. Extensive research is being carried out in this area. Boosting one’s immunity actually means increasing the number of cells that are involved in immune system. And mind you, it is not always a good idea to imply. If you will try to do it in excess then get prepared to bear some strokes and many other health disorders. This is what actually happens when athletes and other sportspersons indulge in doping. In doping basically the number of WBC in your body are increased so that your body’s resisting power gets increased and it can perform more physical work with ease. Sometimes those persons who use this method had to bear strokes.

immune sys diagram

Immune system and its strength vary from person to person. We all show very different responses to stimuli. Hence it’s possible that a particular medicine which works wonderfully on your friend may not show any affect on you. And you really can’t blame that product at all. Isn’t it exciting to note that the same anti hair fall shampoo cures hair fall of a person completely while it shows little or no effect on another person. That same product can even show drastic side effects on someone else. This variation in our responses is also one of the reasons for a number of products being available in the market. It’s almost impossible that one product can show affect on everyone keeping in mind the variations in our immune system. If you will ever study immunology then you will realize that it is a mind boggling world.

For some health experts, boosting immune system via increasing the number of cells makes little sense. There is not a single kind of cell present in this complex system, there are many, each with a function of its own. You just can’t predict which one to boost and to which limit.

white blood cells

However, after a lot of analysis, researchers from across the world have discovered some direct and indirect links between our lifestyle and our immune system. You should keep these in mind in order to strengthen your immunity and to keep many diseases away in advance. These are as follows:

Don’t smoke. Cut down the intake of alcohol.

Smoke is a big no-no for good health. It degrades your internal organs which thus becomes unable to fight with any pathogen. Alcohol if taken in excess affects the metabolic system. When a particular system is disturbed, it is bound to hamper others as well. Such complicated is the human body.

Keep your blood pressure and weight in check.

These two are very strong indicators of good health.

Do proper and enough work-out daily.

Doing exercises on a regular basis improves your cardiovascular health which will cut-short your chances of being a victim to chronic diseases.

Have plenty of sleep.

At least 6-7 hours if interrupted sleep is a must.

Maintain proper hygiene.

You can prevent a number of diseases by taking simple care. Bath regularly; wash your hands properly so that any bacteria which you may have been in contact with can be prevented from entering your system.

Drink plenty of water.

This will keep in check your bowel movement and will also eliminate the waste existing in your body.

Learn to manage stress.

You need to learn how to say goodbye to stress to keep away a lot of problems. High levels of stress can also affect your immune system.

Apart from all these, you can try having prebiotics. There are certain good bacteria present in them which help in the digestion of food, so one can say that it is improving the immune system in some way. As I had previously mentioned as well, human body is a mysterious creature. Hundreds kinds of processes are carried out in it and all are linked to almost every other at some stage. So take care of all the small things (immune system, metabolism etc.) and the big thing ( your health) will automatically fall into place.

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