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How to Deal With Stress


Today, all of us have become a part of this fast-moving world. A world where everyone wants a happy and successful life (and relationship). Having a desire for a beautiful life is normal, but stressing over the outcomes isn’t. More than what we do, what bothers us is the outcomes. Will we succeed? Will we get what we want? A fear that our friends would do better than us bothers us the most. And all this gives birth to uncontrollable stress, which is totally unnecessary. So, is there a way of breaking away from stress?! Of course! There are WAYS to do it.


1. Find the reason for your stress

This is the most important step. Before you start working on your stress, it’s important that you recognize the reasons behind it. What caused it? and Is the stress worth it? If you are stressed about your relationship, then, first, you should find out the reason why it’s bothering you. In case of your relationship, is it something you said to your partner or your partner said to you? Is there any confusion between you two over something? Or are you unhappy in your relationship? It’s important that you find out the EXACT reason for your stress and then work on it. Also, deal with just one problem at one point of time, else you might complicate things further.

2. Avoid any further damage

Since, you are already swimming in a pool full of stress, it’s important for you to not stress over another thing. You should also refrain from all those things that might harm your mind and body during this period. So, avoid negative habits such as smoking, drinking and taking relaxation pills/drugs. Avoid those people who bring you down. And stop wondering how good life would have been if your problem wouldn’t have happened in first place. Also, prevent any violent outbursts. Don’t make your friends and family suffer because of your stress.

3. Don’t try to run away from your problem

Running away from your problem will never solve it, in fact, it might worsen the situation. People often try to run away from their problem/shift their focus by watching television, using phone/computer, overeating or under-eating and sleeping more than usual. While these might look like some effective ideas, none of those actually work. Running away from your problem will never solve the issue, it’s necessary that you face it in order to effectively put an end to your stress. A relationship issue? Talk to your partner instead of avoiding the situation by watching television or by hanging out with your friends. If it’s a job-related issue then talk to your head/senior instead of letting things happen the way they are.

4. Talk it out with friends and family

Sharing is caring. If something is immensely bothering you then you should talk about it with your close friends and family members. Because they love you, they will do their best to help you through your tough times. With a shoulder to lean on, you will find the much needed peace of mind to think about the problem thoroughly. Just don’t hesitate in telling your problems to your friends and family, no matter how personal they are. This will definitely help you out, because, after all, there is nothing more comforting than care from your loved ones.

5. Be positive

No matter how tough a situation is, it’s important for one to be positive, because without any hope and positivity you can’t improve your situation. Problems are usually a question of perspective. If you change your perspective, you might see your situation from a different and positive point of view. Once you are positive, your stress is automatically reduced by half. And with the problem half solved, it would be easier for you to get over your stress. Stress is born out of your psychology, once you are able to control it with your positivity, there won’t be left any such thing as ‘stress’.

6. Accept it if you can’t change it

If several attempts of making things right don’t work, then it’s better to accept things the way they are. This way your stress would become pointless, because we take stress when we are unsure about something. Once you are sure that things won’t change then it would become easier for you to accept the reality. This way you will be able to focus more on things which are under your control. Because you were unable to change things, that doesn’t mean that you are weak. It simply means that the situation was difficult, and changing a difficult situation isn’t easy.

7. Start things afresh

Just because things didn’t work out before, that doesn’t mean they won’t work out again. For example, your previous relationship didn’t work out well because of certain situations which even stressed you out. But that doesn’t mean your future relationship would also become a stress for you. Same thing applies for your job. Just because you were stressed at your previous job, doesn’t mean you will be similarly stressed at your new job. Just remember to have a positive approach towards life and you won’t ever struggle with stress again.

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