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Homemade tips for removing dark circle


Beauty is skin deep , but who does not  want to look beautiful a person with beautiful features and a complexion builds up a naturally vibrant persona , they dwell with an amazing level of confidence and everyone around awe`s for their looks.

Though everybody is beautiful but there are some secrets to look even more beautiful with the things available in everybody`s home.

Kitchen is not only the storehouse of manufacturing food items but it has many secret entities that are very much affordable than the expensive saloon make over’s; it`s not always true that after loosening our pockets only we can get something worth.



Eye is considered to be the most beautiful part of the human face. We should take care about it. Dark circle under eye is the common skin problem. It’s common for everyone because of stressful life style, we should not  worry about that.

So many causes for dark circle such as lack of sleep, improper diet, stress, intake alcohol and smoking, menstrual problems, aging, excess sun light etc. There are some homemade remedies for removing under eye problem such as wrinkles and dark circle which is very easy and cost effective tips. We can get all the essential ingredients from our kitchen


There are some following kitchen beauty tips to away from eye problem:

Be careful while Applying anything around eyes because around eye skin is very sensitive.

  1. Do a massage with almond oil for 15 minutes before going to bed, It will be helpful to remove dark circle and away from the wrinkle problem.
  2. Take a cucumber and slice it, take two piece of slice and keep those on the closed eye for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes take out that slice. As same you can use potato slice.
  3. Take grated cucumber and potato, squeeze that and get the juice. Mix two juices together. Take two cotton balls, deep on that juice after that keep those balls in closed eyes. Keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. You will get good result after some days.
  4. Apply mint juice on under eyes area. It cools your eyes and helps for removing dark circle.
  5. Deep cotton balls into the rose water, keep that balls in your eye for 15 minutes.
  6. Apply a thin coat of honey under eye wrinkles area by using index finger, after sometimes wash off it with cold water. Don’t rub the soft area. Get the wrinkles free eyes.


Apart from those above tips you should do some other remedies such as:

  1. Drink water 8-10 glass per day.
  2. Sleep properly for maximum 8 hours per day
  3. Take more green leaf vegetable, salad and fruits in your diet.
  4. Do exercise daily to get rid of free from stress and other tension
  5. Do facial exercise at any time of the day.
  6. Avoid eating junk foods and more salt in your diet
  7. Avoid intake alcohol an smoking
  8. Use sun glasses  while you are going outside

By Following the above simple and easy tips we can stay free from under eye dark circle and wrinkles problem. There are No side effect on these beauty tips as they quite natural and once added to once daily schedule can easily be followed.




Every being should in a strict way of practising exercises to keep oneself fit and healthy, we should Indulge ourselves in a healthy lifestyle, even for beautifying the face and removing dark spots the facial exercises are a great help to  increase blood circulation and produces collagen and elastin required to tighten the skin aiding  in smoothing and strengthening of facial muscles.



  1. Gently your eye muscles by pressing two fingers on each side of your head, at the temples, while opening and closing your eyes rapidly for the count of 10.
  1. Sit relaxed and close your eyes for 2 minutes. Open your eyes and move your eye ball in clockwise direction for the count of 5 and anti-clock wise direction for another count of 5.
  1. Close your eyes and relax your body. Now using your fingers lift and stretch both the upper and lower eye lids simultaneously as far as possible without opening your eyes. Hold the pose for 5 seconds, release, and repeat 5 -8 times. Gently your eye muscles by pressing two fingers on each side of your head, at the temples, while opening and closing your eyes rapidly for the count of 10.



Nothing can replace oils for its exceptional skin moisturizing and nourishing properties. Oils are a great way to soften ones skin, oils not only are useful for beautifying hair and greasing the body but they are exceptionally useful in removing dark spots we should Use Grape seed oil, Vitamin E oil, Coconut Oil, or Castor Oil. Appling one of these oils at night and washing off our face in the mornings helps in removing these unwanted under eye spots.

It takes few simple steps and a bit more undertaking to look from merely beautiful to dashing, this  journey is very easy and smooth and it merely takes a bit more effort to remove those black unwanted dark spots to a beautiful intact skin.

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