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Home Is Where the Spa Is


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A long winding day at work, which just doesn’t seem to end. A tired you, looking for some relaxation, but that is a farfetched dream. You need to handle your home matters too once you get back. The cooking, the cleaning, the talking and the teaching take a toll on you and you just can’t wait to hit the sack for a well deserved good night’s sleep. But, hey, the day’s not over yet. You still have to stay updated with the going-ons in the life of your friends and families, some you probably don’t even really care about. The idea of that ‘beauty sleep’ is now down the drain, much like the hair you keep losing due to all the stress and fatigue. The weekends are not a lot better. Your plan to rejuvenate at a nearby or a not-so-near spa is ruined, when you are reminded of all the errands you need to run, the last minute help the young ones need with their homework, or the unplanned guests you need to entertain. Fret not. Some of the best spa treatments are right there in your kitchen, you just need to try them now.

Tomatoes and other citrus fruits (yes, tomato is a fruit.): Slices of tomatoes, oranges and grapefruits promote external and internal health. Slice it and eat a bit of the fruit. Follow this up with rubbing some of the slices on your face. Leave the pulp and the juice on your face for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Citrus fruits have fruit acids that help to brighten your complexion. It is especially effective to help you lose old cells, which proves beneficial to reduce tanning, dullness and pigmentation. Some people might be prone to reactions to the acid, so one must make sure you test this on a small patch of skin, before applying it to the entire face, to avoid any disappointment.









Honey and eggs: honey has been known to have several benefits when used for topical application, on its own, or in conjunction with other ingredients. Similarly eggs are known to be a good source to tighten pores and clear skin. Honey and eggs, whether mixed together or applied separately, make a great facial mask. Honey also helps to moisturize the skin. After application, let the food harden and then rinse off with warm water for best results.

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Olive oil: olive oil is not only a healthy alternative in recipes, but also it is a good source of nutrition for one’s hair and skin when applied externally. Several beauty products boast of including olive oil as one of their core ingredients. Warm olive oil is a great conditioner for all hair types. Even when used to dab around the eyes or rubbed all over the hand, it acts as a soothing moisturizer. It is easily available in local supermarkets and also increasingly in one’s kitchen, so you need not buy the expensive personal care products to reap its benefits.

Bowl of Olive Oil










Aloe: aloe vera is a small plant that can be easily grown as a potted plant in one’s house or garden. It takes minimum efforts and offers maximum rewards. It is effective not only for skin care but also hair care. If one is suffering from dandruff issues, using the pulp from an aloe leaf will be beneficial. It also gives one, soft, smooth and shiny hair. Some of its several skin benefits include pimple care, smooth and tight skin. To use it, pluck open a plump aloe leaf, and smear its contents (goop) on your face, for a good 15 minutes, so that the green film stiffens in place. As you remove or wash off the aloe film, you will instantly feel the difference.

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Coffee: the caffeine content in coffee is a good way to get rid of cellulite from your arms, hips, thighs or belly. Although there is no perfect cure yet, daily brushing or using a scrub containing coffe and sugar will go a long way.










Ghee(butter): heat pure ghee in a pan and massage it onto the skin for a good 10-15 minutes. This will help the stretch marks on your body to vanish. Ghee is known to have other health benefits too if ingested as a part of your daily diet.

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Walnuts/Almonds: to make sure that your legs are smooth and silky, use thick scrubs containing walnuts/almonds and apply it all over. Leave it on for some time and wash it off. They are also great for achieving healthy hair and skin, when eaten or applied in some form.

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Yogurt: tanning is a problem faced by many. It is not restricted to topical countries only, but also cold countries around the world. An easy solution is to use a paste made from yogurt and rose water and apply it before going for a bath. Wash it off and apply a moisturizer. This not only helps to alter the effects of tanning, but gives you a fresh, smooth, glowing skin.

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These are some easy methods that take minimum efforts and bare minimum costs, from the comforts of your own home. The results are just as good and far less time consuming than scheduling a trip for some expensive spa treatment.


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