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Home Magic for Skin (Part 3)



Oh my God! 3 parts are you kidding? No not exactly what can I do I have so many of them listed with me and am that much helpful you know I like helping others very much that’s why I am sharing all this few tips to flaunt and get the gorgeous looks to you all. Come-on! No need for thank you and all. Am kidding you might not be thanking me. Ok enough I flaunted a lot time for real work I mean the real thing you want to know. So here it comes following are some home based face pack do give a look on to get better skin than you have. Why even one needs face pack? Have you ever thought of it? Not really! Right? I didn’t think either. Here is the reason why actually we need face pack. Face pack makes the blood circulation, tones the muscles it also draws the imparities from the skin pores. When you apply it to your face always apply to your neck and back too only leaving the portion around eye and mouth open. You can dip the cotton pads in cucumber or potato juice to refresh your eyes. Or you can also grate the cucumber and potato and keep it on your eyes. Better prefer homemade and herbal packs. Depending on the availability you can switch from one pack to another one. But it should be suitable according to your skin type.

Face pack for normal skin:

  1. Apricot face pack:

Honey –2tsp.

Apricot extract -2tsp.

Almond oil – ½ tsp.

Lemon juice – ½ tsp.

Mix the entire ingredient and apply this pack on the face. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off. This is very good in firming of the skin.

  1. Bail fruit face pack:

Bail fruit powder -2tsp.

Date extract -2tbsp.

Honey -1tbsp

Mix the entire ingredient and make it a thick paste and apply it on the face for 15 minutes. It yields amazing result, beyond your expectations. It is very rewarding for the aging skin because it tightens the skin.

  1. Strawberry face mask:

Strawberry -10

Rock salt -1 tsp.

Milk – little.

Soak strawberry and rock salt for 10 minutes and mix with milk apply to face, neck, hands and legs and massage lightly and wash it away when dried. The natural fruit acid of strawberry makes magic on your skin.

# face packs for oily skin:

  1. Potato face mask:

Potato juice – 1tsp

Multani mitti – 1 tsp.

Blend both the ingredients together and apply it on the face, leave so until it dries. Then wash off with Luke warm water. Rinse finally with cold water.

  1. Cucumber face pack:

Cucumber juice – 1 tbsp.

Pepper mint extract – ½ tsp.

Mint juice – 1 tbsp.

Mix all the things together and apply this on the face. Leave it to dry and then wash off with warm water. This pack really is effective on oily skin.

  1. Papaya face mask:

Apply 2 tbsp. of papaya pulp on your face and wash after it is dried with warm water. You can also mix lemon juice in it.

  1. Egg face pack:

Egg white – 1 egg

Multani mitti powder – 1 tsp.

Pepper mint extract – ½ tsp.

Water – ½ tsp.

Soak multani mitti powder in water for half an hour. Beat the egg and blend in all together. Also mix the soaked multani mitti powder in the mixture. Apply this on face for 15 minutes then wash it off with warm water.

# face pack for dry skin:

  1. Mint face pack:

Yoghurt – 1tbsp.

Multani mitti powder – 1 tbsp.

Mint powder – 1 tsp.

Soak multani mitti powder and mint powder in yoghurt for half an hour. Then mix them well by beating. Apply it on the face for 15 minutes and leave it to dry. Wash off with warm water followed with a cold rinse.

  1. Egg face pack:

Honey – ½ tsp.

Egg yolk – 1 egg

Milk powder – 1 tsp.

Beat the egg yolk mix the milk powder and honey in it, beat again. When you get a paste of medium to thick consistency apply it on the face. When it is dry wash it off with warm water.

  1. Orange face pack:

Orange peel powder – 2 tbsp.

Milk – to mix

Rose water – 1 tsp.

Mix all to make a paste and apply over skin and allow it to get dry. Wash off with cold water. Lightly massage with sandal wood oil daily and wash warm water it increase glow and softness.

Above were some of the packs for various skin types I have some few tips overall just have a look:

–          People with dry skin must massage with milk over their face and then wash it with water.

–          If you have more unwanted hair over your face, mix turmeric with pinch of salt make a paste using water and apply over such unwanted hair and then wash it off after ½ an hour. It will gradually diminish the growth of unwanted hair try at least weekly once.

–          Rub your face daily with lemon skin it will diminish scars and oiliness will be reduced gradually.


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