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9 Reasons Why You Should Wear High Heels


Here is something that the women would be interested in. We see young girls wearing towering heels and trying to enhance their assets. While some feel that wearing heels do a world of good to you; there are others who feel the other way round. Before talking about anything else it is important to know what impact the heels have on your body.


Heels and your body

It is not an uncommon sight to see women complaining about the pain they have in their back after wearing heels. But this pain does not last long. Various body parts face various issues with the heels.

FEET: The moment you wear heels, you put all your body weight on your tiny toe bones which will certainly give you a pain later on. Higher the heels the more is the impact. A 5 inch stiletto causes greater stress than a 3 inch one. If the heels are too high, they may cause your toe nails to grow inwards!

ANKLE: The heels jam your veins and increase a great amount of stress on your legs.

HIP: The familiar woman’s walk comes up as a result of these high heels.

BACK: wearing high heels for a long time affects your lumbar erector spinal muscle which causes lower back pain.

So to sum up one could say you should not be wearing all the time when you step out of your house. On a few occasions, it works well for you. So go ahead!

Types of high Heels

You are out for shopping and you are not sure about what to get for yourself. One should understand that not every type of heel suits every individual. Choosing the most suitable heels is as important as wearing them.

Stilettos: these are party wear heels which are often 2 inches in height or more.

Wedges: These are highly comfortable heels and looks like a wedge in shape. You can wear these all around the year for long periods of time.

Kitten: These are the short heels and very popular among the young girls.

Pumps: These are high heels which are usually similar to stilettos but have a closed end. The elegant looks make it the first choice for formal meetings and look very professional.

Regardless of what the opinion about the heels is, a woman shouldn’t suffer to look good in heels.

Walking in Heels?

It is highly important to be able to walk in heels. Wearing heels for simply putting on a show and not being able to carry it is a matter of shame. Not every woman can walk properly in the heels. The proper way to walk in high heels is from heel to toe, with a slight exaggerated sway of the hips. Walking in heels and laying stress on the balls of your feet will lead to injury and a certain stress on your ankles. You are wearing heels, so be gentle on your own legs. A regular leg exercise strengthens your leg muscles and this certainly helps you to build body balance. Practice and practice well before stepping out in heels! If you are not comfortable you can have padded inserts into your footwear to increase cushioning.

Now the main agenda:

9 Reasons why you should be wearing heels

High heels add height

This sounds ridiculously obvious but it is the major reason why most of the women turn up to the heels. Most women wear heels in order to match their male colleagues at work place and to look compatible when they are out with friends.

High Heels Boosts Your Confidence Level

Heels enhance whatever dress or outfit you wear. High heels makes a woman look more assertive which results in increase in the confidence level on an individual. Heels are a symbol of personal style and fashion sense. So this sense of fashion enhances a woman’s sense of pride.

High Heels Grabs Eyeballs

A woman is more statuesque when she is wearing heels. Her posture is somewhat different from the rest of the class. So all of a sudden, she becomes the centre of attraction in any public affair.

High Heels Highlights your Legs

As mentioned above, the moment a woman seeks attention or gets the attention; it is a general tendency of mankind to look at the reason for this changed statuesque. When all eyes move to the heels, they are bound to notice the legs and this highlights the legs of the wearer.

Compliments Your Clothing

Heels compliment the attractiveness of the clothes. Pumps go well with the corporate attire. Pencil heels make the minis or tunics look more striking. Wearing wedges or kittens with jeans gives an attractive look.

Health is Wealth!

They make your lower legs more defined. If you get used to heels, you tend to get your legs shaped automatically. However perennial use could be harmful!

It enhances your lower leg and calves

Wearing heels changes the angle between your lower legs and your foot which enhances the look of your calves.

They are in fashion!

Heels help you to get a seductive look which is bound to get the attention of all. It is an old adage that the women want attention. Moreover, these heels are in fashion. So if you want to rub shoulders with your compatriots, you should be wearing heels. It gives you and upright posture which is elegant and classy.

Aesthetic Value

Heels make your toes look shorter. And your foot a little smaller. More or less it gives a sense of childlike appearance which is often adorable.

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