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A High Fiber Diet and Foods high in Fiber

“Healthy people are those who live in healthy homes on a healthy diet; in an environment equally fit for birth, growth work, healing, and dying… Healthy people need no bureaucratic interference to mate, give birth, share the human condition and die.”- Ivan Illich
Foods high in fiber
Foods high in fiber

Fiber is known to infuse our bodies with loads of health benefits. These health benefits include prevention of constipation, reducing blood cholesterol levels, acute heart health. It has gained recognition as a tool to control weight. The most important of fiber is its contribution to our body’s immune system. Men below 50 should consume at least 38 grams of fiber every day and women below 50 should consume 25 grams of fiber every day. With the advancement of technology and food science, fibers can be inserted in nearly all forms of food. Here is a list of the foods that are rich in fiber and must be consumed frequently.


Different forms of Brans are available in the market and nearly all of them contain high amount of fiber. Bran in the form of oats is rich in soluble fiber. It reduces the blood cholesterol level. Rice, corn and wheat bran contain good amount of fiber as well. 1 ounce of oat bran consists about 12 grams of fiber. Whereas, one ounce of corn bran contains 22 grams of fiber.


A wide variety of beans exist in the market. They are rich in soluble fiber and should be consumed frequently. One cup of cooked Lima beans contain about 14 grams of dietary fiber. Include beans in salads and side dishes. Cooked Adzuki beans contain about 17 grams of fiber. 1 cup of cooked lentils contain 16 grams of dietary fiber. Despite being rich in fiber, beans are also a great source of protein, vitamin and minerals.


They are known to provide a rich number of anti oxidants. But, we cannot ignore the fiber benefits they provide. Berries contain small seeds and thus have a more fiber content than most fruits. 1 cup of raw raspberries contain about 8 grams od fiber. Also, 1 cup of blue berries contain 4 grams of fiber. A cup of strawberries contain 3 grams of strawberries. A cup of elderberries contain 10 grams of fiber.

Whole grains

Whole grains are the best way to increase our fiber intake. 1 cup of pearled and cooked barley contain about 6 grams of fiber. Also, a cup of cooked millet contains about 2 grams of fiber. Brown rice are rich in dietary fiber with 4 grams in a cup. Cooked Quinoa is rich in fiber as well. Whole grains should be compulsorily included in our daily diets.


Dried as well as fresh peas are rich in dietary fibers. They must be frequently consumed. 1 cup of cooked cow peas contain about 11 grams of fiber. one cup of cooked pigeon peas contain about 9 grams of dietary fibers. Next, one cup of split and cooked peas contain about 16 grams of fiber. Also, 1 cup of frozen peas contain 14 grams of fibers. Including peas in a meal for a change someday will be a good idea.

Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables are an apparent source of nutrients. Their fiber content makes them one of the most popular health foods. They should be compulsorily included in our daily diets. Spinach has many health benefits and a cup of spinach contain about 4 grams of fiber. Also, a cup of cooked turnip greens contain about 5 grams of fibers. Next, 1 cup of mustard green contain 5 grams of fiber.

Nuts and Seeds

A handful of nuts can load your body be the appropriate amounts of fiber. Nuts and seeds can be included in salads, deserts and side dishes, They are a great source of fiber. One ounce of almonds contain 4 grams of fiber and an ounce of Pistachio nuts contain 3 grams of fibers. Also, an ounce of peanuts and walnuts contain 2 grams of fiber. So, much in a few nuts to satiate the 4 pm hunger.


Squash is our next food with a great amount of fiber in it. 1 cup of crookneck cooked squash contain about 3 grams of fibers. One cup of Acorn squash contain about 9 grams of fiber in it. They can be included in side dishes, soups, salads, and deserts. Frequent consumption of squash will satiate our body’s fiber need and would keep us healthy.


Fruits such as banana, apple and pear are extremely rich in fiber. Including fruits in our diet is a great idea. A banana contains about 3 grams of fibers in it. Also, an orange contains about 4 grams of fiber.


So live a healthy life by including high fiber food in your diet and Remember what Gautam Buddha said- “To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”

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