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Healthy vegetables for a diabetic


Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. Patients with high blood sugar will typically experience polyuria (frequent urination), they will become increasingly thirsty (polydipsia) and hungry (polyphagia).Diabetes can strike anyone, from any walk of life.

Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly.This is because your pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin, or not enough insulin, to help glucose enter your body’s cells or the insulin that is produced does not work properly .Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas that allows glucose to enter the body’s cells, where it is used as fuel for energy so we can work, play and generally live our lives. It is vital for life.!

The main task for a diabetic is to know what kind of food to eat ? So here we are with certain vegetables which a diabetic can consume without any risk of his/her health .Those vegetables include :-

1) Bitter Gourd :-

It purifies blood because of its blood-purifying properties and also cures many blood disorders like blood boils and itching due to blood poisoning.

Being overweight is one of the most important risk factors for diabetes and other diseases, and Type II diabetes is often accompanied by hypertension, high plasma cholesterol, or high plasma lipids. Together, these conditions increase the risk of stroke or heart attack.Thus bitter gourd protects from diseases.

Bitter gourd lowers blood glucose as it contains a chemical called Charantin which reduces high blood glucose levels so it is very good for Diabetic persons. Bitter gourd influences glucose metabolism all over the body not like the other medicinal drugs which are effective only in one target organ or tissue. You can take Bitter Gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach to lower down the blood sugar. Bitter Gourd juice in the morning can help to strengthen your immune system and increase your body’s fighting power against infection . Bitter Gourd has high amount of beta-carotene that helps alleviate eye problems and improving eyesight.


2) Fenugreek Leaves :-

Fenugreek has been known to be helpful in inducing childbirth by stimulating uterine contractions. It is also known to reduce labour pain. But here’s a word of caution.Fenugreek helps to reduce cholesterol level too.
Fenugreek helps flush out harmful toxins. It relieves indigestion and helps treat constipation.It also used to cure skin problems (wounds, rashes and boils),The seeds have been found to contain protein, vitamin C, niacin, potassium, and diosgenin .To treat sore throat, and cure acid reflux.Fenugreek is beneficial for people with diabetes. Galactomannan, a natural soluble fibre present in fenugreek slows down the rate of sugar absorption into blood. Fenugreek also contains amino acid responsible for inducing the production of insulin. Thus Fenugreek is very healthy for a diabetic .


3) Lady Finger :-

The fibre content of lady finger helps in better digestion, and regularisation of bowels. pectin swells up in the intestine and helps in easier elimination of the wastes from the intestine. People suffering from constipation benefit from regular consumption of lady finger.The dietary fibers contained in this vegetable are best for those who are on their weight reduction regime. Lady’s finger comprises of no calories, therefore is good for weight loss.

The high Vitamin content in Lady’s finger helps battle cold and improves the overall functioning of the immune system. The Vitamins and numerous minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium and iron in lady’s finger fights against hurtful free radicals and enhances the functionality of the immune system.

It helps to fight against diabetes. The fiber it contains aids in stabilizing blood sugar level by delaying sugar absorption from the intestines.Eugenol a type of fiber, helps in slowing down the digestion and absorption of sugar from the blood stream. Hence it helps in avoiding sugar spikes after meal and stabilizes the blood sugar levels. Its fiber further more help in lowering the blood sugar level.


4) Cauliflower :-

Packed with rich nutrients, cauliflower or cabbage flower is one of the commonly used flower-vegetable. The flower heads contain numerous health benefiting phtyo-nutrients such as indole-3-carbinol, sulforaphane etc., that help prevent prostate, ovarian and cervical Cancers .

This connection between cauliflower and cancer prevention should not be surprising, since cauliflower provides special nutrient support for several body systems that are closely connected with cancer development as well as cancer.They have lots of fiber. They are rich in vitamin C, supplying up to 50 percent of daily need, which assists in protecting cells from damage due to high blood glucose.


5) Pumpkin :-

Pumpkin fruit is one of the widely grown vegetables that is incredibly rich in vital antioxidants, and vitamins. This humble backyard low calorie vegetable contains vitamin A, flavonoid poly-phenolic antioxidants such as leutin, xanthin, and carotenes in abundance.Pumpkin is a storehouse of many anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin-A, vitamin-C and vitamin-E.

The fruit is a good source of B-complex group of vitamins like folates, niacin, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), thiamin and pantothenic acid. Scientists found a compound in pumpkin that has been found to promote the regeneration of damaged insulin-producing beta cells in diabetic , thereby improving the level of insulin in their blood.


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