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Healthy Sandwich Recipes


Sandwiches are a wholesome meal. It is not a quote said by a visionary instead is a feedback from most of the sandwich lovers. I can eat it as breakfast, starter, and dinner and even as snacks depending upon the filling and size of the bread slice. My personal favorite is a simple fresh vegetable mayonnaise cheese sandwich. I am a cheese-lover and but then it has loads of calories, so I should not have it all the time! At the same time there are sandwiches which are very healthy because of the usage of brown bread at the cover and a healthy mix at the filling part. To ease the decision of making a quick, tasty and healthy sandwich I have jotted down some of the sandwich and their fillings and what makes them healthy. Secret: These 3 are my favorites. Read the below paragraphs and you will know what I mean.
S1: Grilled Vegetable and Goat Cheese/ Cheese Sandwich
Method: Start by roasting a few bell peppers, onion rings, 2 slices of zucchini and 1-2 slices each of your favorite veggies. Take slightly grilled multi-grain bread Kaiser. Take a few teaspoons of goat cheese and spread it on the Kaiser. Layer the veggies on the bread slices, add pepper, chili flakes, salt to taste and cover it up with another slice of bread and your tasty healthy sandwich is ready to eat.

Why Healthy: Bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C, zucchini and other veggies provide lutein and zeaxanthin (by the way it’s the liquid in the lens and macular area of the eye). Also zucchinis are rich in Vitamin B6 which help hemoglobin carry oxygen in the red blood cells.


S2: Chicken Guocamole Sandwich: A tasty combination of Avocado, mayonnaise, chicken and all your lunch left-over veggies, this sandwich is a household favorite. Yes it is high on fat but then they are main monosaturated ones. This high on monosaturated fat sandwich can become your weekend dinner supplement.
Method: Cook the chicken breast and shred it. Add mashed ripe avocados to it add onion rings, chopped cilantro and lime juice to the chicken. Take two bread slices, the bread should be whole-wheat, hold one of them and add a layer of the chicken mix to it. Add tomatoes, lettuce and cover the whole with another bread slice and you are done.
Why Healthy: Avocado as I mentioned earlier is rich in monosaturated fats, it reduces cholesterol and hence reduces heart risk and high sugar, BP. Cilantro with a ‘C’ helps in reducing the risk of ‘C’ for Cancer. This herb has amazing health benefits. Chicken as we all know is a favorite and we loved to know that it is healthy too; it is a box of proteins that help in muscle building.
S3: Tasty Tuna Sandwich: Tuna is one of my personal favorite ingredients and I just love it. I use a Panini press to make it melt. My family absolutely gorges upon this tasty, easy to make, healthy sandwich. Follow the below recipe to try your hands out on your own tuna sandwich.
Method: Take the tuna (no salt, water-packed) out of the can. Add a pinch of pepper and garlic powder to it. Chop your favorite veggies, red onion, 2 celery stalks and mix it with the tuna. Add one tablespoon of mustard sauce and mayonnaise to the whole mix. Take a good quantity of mozzarella cheese, shred it and spread across the whole-wheat bread slice. Put the filling on it and cover it up again with a bread slice.
Why Healthy: Fishes as we know are rich richest source of protein, tuna being no exception. It also has niacin that helps digesting extra carbohydrates, fats and proteins away. The choice of without salt tuna is to reduce the sodium content of the meal. Celery fights against breast cancer while mustard paste is rich in thyroid functionally important mineral selenium.
To all the gourmands (food-lovers), try eating healthy stuff. It elongates the number of years you can eat and praise food. I hope the article will help you in doing so!

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