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Health Supplements: How efficient are they?


Nutrition is a very important aspect of a good well being of an individual. If you don’t get proper nutrition you might end up becoming sick on a more regular basis than your body could sustain. Doctors often advice you to take different foods and drinks in order to get a balanced diet. Most of the times it is seen that an individual eats a lot but still fails to gain mass. Such people come under the category of ectomorphs. Nothing seems to go their way when it comes to gaining mass. So how efficient are Health Supplements in both these case? The debate has been endless and due to a few misconceptions, many people refrain from taking health supplements.


The Pros of Taking Health Supplements

Improved physical health

It is very common to see sure shot results when you start taking supplements. You must have tried everything in order to become fat or gain mass but nothing seemed to have worked. So in such situations, you could see drastic changes in your physical health when you start taking whey proteins. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that consumption of proteins is a waste if you are shying away from hitting the gym or doing some exercise for that matter. You need to work out and exercise on a daily basis if you wish to see the results of health supplements

Completes your diet

We all know how important it is to have a balanced diet in our daily lifestyle. Most of the times, we don’t get these nutrients through our regular meals. So in such cases, it is the health supplement that helps you to complete your daily diet. You can take combinations of health supplements to meet your requirements. Consult a physician nearby and he will let you know what sort of nutritional supplement suits your body type the best.

No diseases!

Mineral and Vitamin supplements ensure that there is no deficiency of any vitamins and minerals in your body. They thus provide insurance for your body. You will stay away from any type of deficiency disorders if you take supplements on a regular basis. Consumption of folic acid supplements during the pregnancy ensures you of no birth defects of your child. Vitamin D supplements give you improved strength and facilitates calcium absorption in your body leading to strong bones and teeth.

Boosts stamina

Health supplements are directly linked with the fact that they give improved physical conditions and boost your stamina. It helps in your muscle and mass growth. It is not only known for improving the size of your muscles, but also for giving you more strength and endurance. So health supplements are a yes-yes for your body!


Some of the health supplements are often taken along with other medicinal drugs for treatment of various illnesses. This is often advised by the doctor to take in cases of severe weakness and illness.

Cons of using Health Supplements


The Cost!

The biggest reason why people think a hundred times before taking any health supplements, be it health supplements powder or health supplements tablets. The costs of these supplements are often very high. You do get the cheap ones in the market but they are certainly not as effective as the expensive ones. A good body builder at gym will often recommend you to take a health supplement that could easily cost you about 5k and last only for a month, or barely 22 days! So instead if you take fruits and other natural sources, you can easily have a more economical diet.

Side effects!

At times, health supplements can have side effects. These side effects could go adverse. This happens not because of defect in the health supplements but because of improper consumption. If you take this supplement in uncontrolled amounts, it could cause side effects. Also, you should know that not all supplements could suit your body type. So it is always advisable for you to consult a doctor and see the compatibility of your body with health supplements.

Less healthy

At times, some supplements are just nothing when compared to the natural food items. For example if you take vitamin B complex supplements, it does give you the desired vitamins. But this is not sufficient enough when compared to natural dosage of vitamin B. so you may need to fill large scoops of supplements to meet your needs.


If you combine more than two supplements, it might result in a mismatch. This later on interferes with the absorption of nutrients. Some nutrients can interfere with the other. In such a case, you will never get the desired results. A mismatch results in nullifying effect.

Gastrointestinal Problems

The most common side effect is gastro intestinal problems. Supplements can cause coagulation in the intestine and lump formation which sticks to the walls of intestine. This results in stomach pain and cause severe discomfort. If the lump formation continues, it is harmful for your digestive system. This subsequently leads to damage of kidney as well. Creatine which is present in most of the supplements is known for causing diarrhea and stomach upset.

The gist of the health supplements is that you should take it if you have consulted with your doctor. If not, it is better to stay aloof. Moreover, you must always be careful with the amount. Consume responsibly!

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