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Health of the Mind


Health is not merely restricted to physical well being but also extends to the mental aspect of the being. Mental welfare is equally important. And just like working out is required to remain fit physically, steps need to be taken to maintain a healthy state of mind. When not taken care of, the senses begin to dull, our sense of perception, reasoning and memory all get affected due to stress. Emotional health can be balanced by controlling one’s behaviour and keep one’s emotions in check. People who can handle life’s challenges, recover from set backs and build strong relationships and emotionally and mentally strong. But the main reason for maintaining a healthy mental state is because it is rewarding in itself. A happy person, can easily make others laugh and smile and take on challenges with confidence. Being happy or mentally stable gives you the strength to cope with life’s challenges, but it also has a major positive impact on all the aspects of your life.
Mental health is overall psychological well being. It includes the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships and the ability to manage a difficult situation. But, a healthy mental state does not refer to the absence of mental problems. Mental health or emotional health is a lot more than lacking depression, anxiety or other psychological issues. It is all about being positive. Not feeling bad is not the same as feeling good.


Being emotionally or mentally healthy does not mean that you have never faced bad experiences in life. We all go through, emotional crisis, loss and suffering, which give rise to stress, anxiety, depression. But fighting stress mentally and imbibing a positive outlook is what life is about. In the face of adversity, you have to be strong, no matter how bad the loss is. People with good emotional health are better at bouncing back from a calamity. This ability is called resilience. With mental and emotional help comes optimism and positive outlook, therefore it is easier for them to hope for a better outcome as compared to a perpetual pessimist. The key factor of resilience is the ability to balance emotions and stress.  The ability to reorganise your emotions helps in preventing anxiety, stress and depression.

Taking good care of your body will automatically improve your mood. The mind and the body are linked and so improving the condition of one requires working on both. Physical exercise is not only good for your body but it is also known to release endorphins which help improve your mood. Get enough sleep, it is essential for optimal functioning. Eat healthy, work out and go get a bit of sun on your skin everyday.

Working out releases endorphins and improves mood
Working out releases endorphins and improves mood

It is important to pay attention to your needs and feelings, that is not being selfish. It is the only way in which you can take care of yourself.  Taking care of yourself means carrying out activities which naturally release endorphins. Do things that positively impact others. Being helpful can boost self esteem. Practice self discipline, it is important to control the mind and overcome despair, grief and helplessness. Learn or discover new things, things which interest you. Like join a book club, or travel to a new city. Studies have proved that taking a stroll through a garden reduces stress levels. Limit the worrying or over thinking strain, this is a request specially to all the women. Start an art class, get creative and let you imagination flow. The sense of accomplishment derived from this activity will bring you peace.

The foundation of our lives. This is one thing that requires maximum attention and sensitivity. Relationships are an essential building block of life, so when one fails we find it exceedingly difficult to recover. Humans are social creatures. Therefore, nothing will ever give you more joy than to spend quality time with you loved ones. Our social brain craves companionship. So if you think that isolation is the answer after you lose out on one person in life, then you are wrong. We need people, we need friends to help us get through life and it’s difficulties. So do not shy away from people.

we need each other
we need each other

But some of the most important factors of maintaining a healthy mindset is to start working towards one. This is way more difficult than working out in a gym, since you do not have anything tangible to work with. Therefore, it will require some amount of patience. Communication is another important thing, talk about your feelings instead of hiding them. If you feel that you are incapable of controlling the situation, then visit a counsellor or psychiatrist. There is no shame is asking for help or seeking professional help because that only shows that you want to change. There is happiness everywhere, it is only of the effort you are willing to put in to help yourself. If you are in a mental rut, only you can pull yourself out of it. Do not give up, start living for yourself. You deserve it.

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