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Headphone Crisis


Headphones, one thing this generation cannot live without! Irrespective of where they go and who they go with. It is difficult to spot people on the roads without their headphones on. You see them everywhere, buses, taxi, while crossing the streets. And, what is worse, they cannot hear anything over their blaring Skull Candies or Dr. Dre headphones. How many of you are aware of the fact that headphones have been the cause of multiple deaths across the globe? A girl got run over by a train, yes a train, while crossing a railway line because she could not hear the people shouting and asking her to move away. Guys do not start with me about music, I am a music fanatic, but I also value my life and I have brains unlike so many who have gotten themselves into accidents because of their music. Headphones are important to me as well, I cannot live without mine, but I make it a point to have them on while crossing roads. That is dangerous, so please be careful and start paying attention. Not only do these accessories invite accidents, they also cause immense damage to your ears and also on your nerves. Research has proved that one out every five teenager has some form of hearing impairment which is thirty percent higher than what it was in the 1980 s and the 1990 s. And another request to all the parents, do not give your children specially under the age of 8 any form of gadget irrespective of their tantrums. It has worse effects on them, than on adults.

a boy listening to music
a boy listening to music

Dr. James E Foy, DO an osteopathic paediatrician from Vallejo, California says that long exposure to high volumes of music heard on headphones can result in lifelong hearing loss in children and teens. According to him most MP3 players today can produce up to 120 decibels which is equivalent to the sound level of a rock concert. At that level, only half an hour or fifteen minutes are enough to cause hearing impairment. Most of us try to maintain the volume at a level where we cannot hear anything going on outside, but that level is too high to to be safe. That is when we start losing out hearing abilities. The louder the volume the shorter the duration should be. Unfortunately, the type of hearing loss caused due to overexposure to high decibel levels is irreversible. Hearing aids and implants are only amplifying the sound making it easier to hear by compensating for the non functional parts of the ear.

Listening to Avenged Sevenfold, on full volume, on the headphones can effect your brain. The loud volume damages the nerves which carry signals to the brain. The nerve cells that carry electrical impulses from the ears to the brain are coated with myelin sheathe which helps in carrying the signals to the brain.  Hearing extremely loud music for prolonged period of time, it strips the cells of the myelin sheathe. Therefore the brain cannot receive proper impulses from the ear any more. This condition is called multiple sclerosis. Loud sounds are also known to cause tinnitus (ringing in your ear). This happens when the cochlea nucleus cells are damaged by sound.Therefore please keep in mind the maximum decibel levels when you have your headphones on.

With the decibel levels soaring above an 60, aggression has been seen to increase. Today’s generation do not really listen to soft songs. They love their metal and rock bands. A lot of the songs heard by them, have vocalists growling and mostly all the songs have the traces of aggression and hatred combined with loss and pain. Theses kind of music when heard over prolonged periods at maximum volumes have an effect on the behaviour of the person listening. It increases the aggression and agitation, which in turn gives rise to anger at the slightest provocation. This information is based on an experiment conducted on 40 undergraduate students.

hearing aid for a child, due to damage caused by headphones
hearing aid for a child, due to damage caused by headphones

So essentially we have a major part of today’s world spending obscene amounts of money for Skull Candy, Dr. Dre, Bose headphones, which is not only making a hole in their pockets but also in their ears and brains. Unbelievable as it may sound, it is the reason for deaths. We have all heard of earphones exploding due to excessive heat, while they were in use. So,in a way they actually are weapons of mass destruction, they cause brain damage and increase aggression and anger. So how do we prevent ourselves from falling prey to such problems? Moderation is the answer. Listen to music on the headphones but not on full volume. In stead you can listen to it on speakers or from your laptop. When you are outside and getting bored listen to it in short intervals and on low volume. There is really no point in losing your hearing abilities at such a young age. The worst thing that can happen is permanent loss, since certain conditions are not reversible. So guys, no headphones while crossing the streets, volumes have to be under control and please do not connect the headphones to a gadget which has been put on charge. That is equally dangerous.

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