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Happy Hobbies This Summer!


What do you do in your spare time? Wait, do you even have spare time? I hope you do. If you don’t, then make some. You need some ‘me time’. Even if it is just an a couple of hours in a week. In our busy lives, we need to take out some time for ourselves. If I ask you to define hobby, how would you score on that task? Well, in simple words, a hobby is a leisurely activity that you like doing in your free time. A hobby should make you happy and even if it takes a lot of your time up, it should give you results that make you feel pleased with yourself. We all have our lives entwined with that of others. But, we have to remember that at the end of the day, we are all individuals and we need to feel secure and confident. We all have this constant urge of being of feel good about ourselves. Hobbies are satisfying, if nothing less. One should encourage the entire family to take up hobbies and maybe, the whole family can do different things together. It would be fun.

Hobbies are self satisfying. This summer, do something fun! Learn how to cook or sew or knit, go hiking or trekking or camping, learn how to swim- just do something!

Here is a list of 5 hobbies that are worth trying this summer!

1) Cooking

Cooking does not always revolve around long and hot hours in the kitchen. This summer, beat the heat by learning how to make cool things like ice creams, crumbles, and even cooling drinks like cranberry pop soda, lemon soda, and all kinds of mocktails. Have a pool party and celebrate the weather! Learning how to bake and cook is just wonderfully satisfying. It is something that is not that expensive and can be done all year long. In the winters, you can make soups, hot chocolate, pies of all kinds and what not. If we go by country cuisines, there are amazing options like Italian food, Indian food, Mexican food and Chinese food. These are kinds universally liked! Who does not like a pizza, butter chicken, tacos or chicken noodles?

2) Exercise

Yes, exercising is also a hobby. It benefits us in so many ways that it is one of the most popular hobbies among both genders. Men and women- they equally like exercising. Let us talk about a few benefits of exercising. First, it is healthy for us. We lose the extra fat and become fit! Second, it released endorphins that are pleasure giving hormones, making us feel happy and satisfied. Third, all that sweating makes our skin glow and also makes our hair shine. Exercising is focused on self alone. It is beneficial in the long run. It helps pump extra blood and allows us to take in more oxygen. The best part about it is that it can anytime, at any place.

3) Hit the Road

Go hiking or trekking- the entire family. It would be an experience to remember. Do fun things with the family. Try new things out. Be active and engaging. Planning for a trip is also full of fun. The trip could be for anything – relaxing on the beach, climbing up a mountain, road trip, anything at all. Nothing says happiness and freedom like an open road. Explore the culture and tradition of your chosen place of discovery. Let yourself go.

4) Gardening

Gone are the days when gardening was considered only as an activity involving the planting of flower seeds and seeing them grow with time. Nowadays, gardening is associated with a major improvement in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It helps us gain strength and flexibility. Gardening also results in the release of endorphins, pleasure giving hormones. It helps us feel good! Also, it is beneficial for our mother earth. It will give you happiness when you see other people or things benefiting from your hobby. It is very satisfying. A big bonus is that the result is very very beautiful.

5) Reading

Books should be an important part of everyone’s life. They are good for us. Remember the time when you were told that if you eat broccoli, it is good for your health, but you did not eat it? Are you suffering from health problems now? Or are they on brink? See, books are important for both kids and the adults. There are just so many genres. I am sure you will find something that you will end up liking. Nowadays, reading books is associated with mental flexibility, awesome vocabulary and sharpened comprehension. Reading books is more about the pleasure that you get from the act.

Hobbies are the new in thing! Before just dozing off everyday like an alarm clock, wait a minute and think, is there any other way of utilizing your time? I am sure you guys are so creative that you will think of things that are not even mentioned in this list. After all, there are an endless number of hobbies that a person can adopt. Be creative and think out of the box. Pick up some ‘Do yourself’ tasks and surprise yourself! Happy Hobby-ing!!

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