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Happiness is free!


Times change and so do our lifestyles. Science has made remarkable progress over the past few decades. Day-to-day things have become easier, quicker and much more convenient. Put your hand on any sphere in the world-medicine, education, technology, sports, beauty, health, business markets- everything has been hit by the Science bug.

I have often heard from my elders that they used to spend hours and hours in the college library to make one project. They were entirely dependent on books. The situation today is completely different. You get a project and the first thing you do is “Google it up”! The Internet has made information all over the world available to us in just a few clicks. The books keep lying waiting to be touched. With the availability of lectures on the Internet, many students prefer to study through videos and tutorials rather than opening their fat books.

Enter the metro and look around, you will find almost everyone glued to their electronic gadgets-texting or talking on their mobiles, surfing the Internet on their smart phones, listening to music on their I-Pod or mobiles or playing games on their tablet. Each person is engrossed in himself.

Undoubtedly our lives have changed dramatically over the years. We have all become immensely busy. Whether it be a school child who is burdened with loads of home-work and also has to accommodate his playing time, TV time and computer games in a single day, or adults who have to meet deadlines at work along with taking care of their family, or working women who have to juggle between the roles of a ‘modern working woman’ and ‘a good wife, daughter-in-law, mother, home-maker’. In the quest for survival in this world (yes, your biology lesson on ‘Survival of the fittest’ is not merely restricted to the evolution process. It actually holds true in real life as well.), time demands you to put in all your energy and efforts in your job.

In an attempt to quench their thirst for more and more money, people have become so involved in their monotonous lives that they have forgotten what it takes to be happy. I have a few questions for you to ponder on!

  • Can only lunch or dinner at expensive restaurants or 5-star hotels make you happy?

I would say that eating with your family can be a source of happiness at any place-your house, road-side stalls or even a dhaba- what is required is the bond of love which prevails among the family members. You may go to a 5 star hotel, but what is the use of that dinner where you just go, order, eat, pay the bill and come back. Don’t you think that sharing things with each other, talking about the simple question-“How was your day” is much better than the times when you sit on the table but each member is engrossed in their own gadgets!

  • Do you really need to take your children to Disney World to make them happy?

Children understand the simple language of love, care and affection. Parents might slog the entire day in offices to earn well for the comfort of the child and in this process have very little time to give to their children. In an attempt to lure them, they make those ‘yearly fancy trips’. Yes, these trips will make the children happy. But that happiness will be short-lived. It will prevail only during that ‘vacation-time’. What about all the other days of the year when your little one craves for your attention, he wants you to eat with him, show you the drawings he has made, make you a part of his exciting and innocent childhood? He wants to spend time with you and not look at the face of the maid which you have hired to look after him.

  • Can only designer clothes, expensive footwear and imported make-up make you look smart/ beautiful? Does the number of likes on your Facebook profile picture decide that you are beautiful?

Physical beauty will go away as you age. No matter how many anti-ageing products you use, you cannot make yourself an exception to the rules of nature. A person becomes beautiful by his thoughts, by his actions, with the way he leads life. Make an extra chapatti or two and give it to that old woman you find begging near the bus-stop each day while going to office. It won’t cost you much but the joy which you get when that old lady blesses will be priceless.

You occasionally buy chips to calm down your immediate hunger pangs and at times just for the taste of it. Even though you are well aware that the quantity contained in those packets is very less, still you buy it. The next time you see children asking for money because they haven’t eaten anything, give them a five-rupee packet of Tiger or Parle-G biscuits. You just became the source of happiness for a child. Believe me; your kindness makes you a more beautiful person than the pancake you apply on your face.

On social networking sites, a person may be a proud owner of 800 (and still counting) friends but in reality how many of those 800 friends are his ‘real friends’. You put a status-‘I am sad’! Your ‘friends’ will start commenting on your status in no time. “What happened? Everything all right? Don’t be sad. Cheer up”- Some of the comments you might expect. Do you actually think that all those people who fall under your ‘friend list’ actually have the time and the patience to listen to you? Are these comments something which they are posting out of a habit of theirs (say, after being addicted to Facebook) or are they genuinely concerned about you? If yes, then you are one lucky person! I believe that a friend who actually cares about you would give you a call or drop a private text then and there in order to find out the problem.

Happiness is completely free. You do not need to depend on some-one or some-thing to become the source of your happiness. Go to a park, look at the beautiful flowers and listen to the birds chirping. At times you may find peace and happiness at the most unexpected places. Indulge in yourself. Pamper yourself. Pick up that hobby of yours and devote atleast some time to it. Spend time with your parents, your children, and your family. Always have a smile on your face. There may be times when you are sad but always remember, time does not always stay the same. Seasons change and so will the circumstances. Look for happiness in the smallest of things. It is you, who is reposnsible for your own happiness.

Be positive! Stay happy! Stay healthy!

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