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Awesome Women Hairstyles for the Summer


Summer is a time to have fun and experiment new things. Despite the heat, we are motivated to go ahead and enjoy our holidays (in case of students) to its fullest. Summer is also a good time to experiment with our hairdos because our hair doesn’t tend to get dry as in winter, hence assisting in easy trials of various hairstyles. Be it long or short, various hairstyles are available for people with varying lengths of hair. Following is a sneak peek at the various easy hairdos one could try at home.

For people with long hair, there are a wide variety of styles which they could try.



The most common and easiest way, braiding has been employed in hair maintenance since time immemorial. Braiding ensures that the hair doesn’t get tangled, in addition to the fact that they let don’t irritate us by not covering our necks. When we think of braids, the normal, straight braids pop up in our mind. In addition to the conventional braids, there are various modern versions, like the fishtail braid, one side braid, french braid, twisted braid, and waterfall braids to name a few. There are various tutorials available online to master these braids, and rock the hang-outs with our friends.

French braids are pretty common too. Nowadays, French braids are worn in various fashions, like triple knots, double knots, and front French braids. Initially, there was a common misconception that French braids look good only on children, but with the introduction of the variations, the myth was busted.




An hassle free hairstyle, buns are coming into fashion now. Like the French braids, there was another misconception here, about buns being strictly formal or worn by old ladies. Buns looks fine on anyone who wears it. Hair buns are of various types too, like the messy buns, top knot buns, side buns and headband buns. Bun are easy to create, especially in long hair, when one knows the trick to it. Buns require bobby pins and various other assortments of hair accessories to keep it up.

Braided bun can be considered as a variation to bun, where the hair, after braiding, is put up as bun. Even in this, there are variations, where one can have buns by braiding the once, twice or multiple times and putting it up in such a way that they stay up. There is also another kind of braided bun, where the hair is put up except for a thin region, and this thin region is braided and is made to border the bun.


Updos are another kind of bun, which gives a casual look to the one sporting it. The different kinds of updos are more or less similar to the bun, except that it always gives a messy hair appearance. Updos are preferred in most of the parties for its ease of putting it up, and the comfortable feel it gives, unlike the buns which is very tight, sometimes resulting in headaches.




The most preferred hairdo by the youngsters, ponytail can be seen being sported by at least six in ten people. But did you know that even ponytails had variations? There are looped ponytails, ponytails which would make the hair look voluminous, ponytails which are tied at the nape of the neck or at top of your head, messy ponytails, and severe-looking ponytails. Why, there are even braided ponytails! Ponytails are coveted for their comfort, and and for the fact that they can be done at the shortest notice. Ponytails are preferred while jogging, working or even while simple going out with friends. Spice up your look with the various kinds of ponytails and relieve yourself from the boring ones.

Clipped hairstyles


One can have various hairstyles by just employing the good ol’ clip. You can bunch it up, or put it up like a bun, or take some hair and clip it on so that they don’t fall on your face. Clips should be carried around as you never know when they might come of use. Clips help in faking the volume of hair and also the length of the hair, and when worn properly the best effects can be produced.

Short hair is slightly unconventional in India. One of the main reasons is the culture and the tradition, and the other being that one cannot experiment many hairstyles as one can in long hair. True that, but short hair has its own benefit, one of them being ease of maintenance. It also is the best way to beat the summer heat.



Common among the children in India, bob haircut gives a person a pleasant and ethereal look. As with other hairstyles, there are various kinds of bob like layered, slick, shag, short, long and what not. Bob is sported my many actresses in the Hollywood industry for their easy maintenance. Bob gives a person classy look, especially in business suits. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the good time.



Shorter than the bob, pixie is not sported by many. Pixie has a classic look, and if cut properly, pixie can give the person a feminine look, contrary to the beliefs surrounding it. Pixie was especially famous among the 40’s and 50’s Hitchcock actresses, and Audrey Hepburn’s pixie was the most coveted. Some of the famous present day celebrity pixies are those of Katie Holmes, Ginnifer Goodwin and Carey Mulligan.

Sport these new looks and rock your summer! Good luck experimenting!

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