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Hair(Here) is the Solution


She came out of the washroom and hastily started getting ready. After putting on that perfect little black dress she frantically started ransacking her shoe cupboard for those matching heels. She quickly took out her contrasting bag and look at herself in the mirror finally.

“Oh sweet lord! What`s wrong with my hair?” she shouted irritatedly.

It was already 7pm and she couldn`t be any late for her best-friend`s birthday party tonight.

She looked around for her make up and accessories that would compliment her attire so that the attention shifts from her hair. But even after endless tries she couldn’t feel satisfied with her look. Dejectedly she was about to leave her room when her eyes suddenly met the flat iron which was calming lying on her roommate`s dressing. All cheerful again she used it for getting that new and improved look. She gladly left the apartment hurriedly.

All you girls out there! Didn`t you feel familiar? Some deja-vu moment? Wasn`t it?

May 19 2014 (3)

Well, this is the case with all of us. There are days when we are really late for a big day and in that moment of haste we tend to lose patience and fail to get the look we`ve been longing for. For such days and for many other Bad-Hair-Days, we have all the help from the latest electronic styling devices which are not only hassle free but quick and cheap.

`Flat Hair Iron` is a hands down winner with all the ladies wanting perfectly settled poker staright hair. With straight hair always being in trend nobody, absolutely nobody can ever be wrong with this. Worried about what hairstyle to wear with a particular dress? Go for straight hair, they will never let you down. Indian or western whatever your attire is, silky shiny straight hair are always gonna be your thing.

The major reason people prefer Hair-Iron over all other electronic styling devices is because it`s cheap. Anybody can afford a straightner as they start from 699INR. Even with shelling out this much you`re making an investment in your hair. Amazing isn`t it?

Another significant reason why ladies just love straighteners is because straight hair go with just about anything. Any attire, any body type, any skintone, simply anything! It doesn`t matter which clothes you are wearing or what type of face you have, diamonad, round or oval, just go ahead and rule the party with your poker straight hair.

Poker straight hair are never to go out of vogue, they are here to stay. Make the most of it.

May 19 2014 (2)

Tips for buying a perfect flat hair iron :

  1. Invest in your hair iron.

Ideally your hair iron should last atleast for 5 years. To get the maximum results make sure you buy from a reknowned brand so that it doesn`t mess with your hair. Whiel buying also make sure that the one you buy has `ceramic plates` which will ensure that the heat is evenly distributed on the iron and thus prevents from damaging your hair and keeps them from burning away. You may even opt for the digital hair ions which are comparitively light weighted and offer different tempratures that would even go off after a fixed time. Sheer bliss!

  1. The right temparature.

Well, this is something which only a few would know about but frankly this is the most important aspect of all. While using a iron hair make sure that you`ve heated the iron at a correct tempature. Over heating can wreck havoc to your hair, they may just burn. So it`s advisable to keep the iron at a low setting, below 300 is just fine. If you have thick curly hair you can go upto 400 degrees and that should be enough.

  1. Heat protector.

Before you take out that ironing machine and work with your hair make sure that your hair is protected against the damaging heat and the empending trial its going to witness. There are various sorts of hair protectors available in the market for specific hair types, so, fret not, you`ll definitely find one which will suit you and your scalp. Just amke sure that whatever heat protector you use it must not touch the scalp and should be 2-3 inches away from it. You may also opt for some leave-in conditioner if you want. Just make sure your hair is protected.

  1. Do not overdo it.

Every one wants to look perfect all the time but for getting nice hair you must not use hair iron excessively. You do not have to use these products limitlessly and carelessly. Inordinate use of such machines can do irreversible damage to your hair. Also, don`t hold on to that iron pressed up against your hair for too long. Let ir run through your hair evenly giving each strand an equal time to present uniformity. It is very much advisable to use them occationally and to get a long lasting effect you must adopt natural and herbal ways of enhancing you hair`s texture and shine.

  1. After products.

So you`ve washed your hair, you`ve used the heat protector righteously, you`ve ironed your hair perfectly what now? Are you ready to go yet? Well, no. There`s still something important left. Yes, your after products. You must finish styling your hair with a polishing product. It won`t make your hair look greasy and will give your hair the reguired shine. What`s more is, it will keep your hair from falling out of place, it will hold your right till the end of the party and will make you look fabulous even when the party`s up.

May 19 2014 (1)

So there you have it! Everything you must know about styling your hair in the perfect way.

Enjoy the party. Happy flat-ironing.

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