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Hair Care!


Your hair is your crown. The shining jewel. So, obviously you try and care about it in your own way. You oil them, shampoo them, put all kinds of hair packs of them. Sometimes, you go with the flow- do what other people do and get it rebonded or smoothened. Hair is a sensitive part of your head. You have to treat them with love. When we talk about your hair, the first thing is this that what you see on the Television, it is all styled hair. They hardly look like that in their natural state. So, do NOT think that applying chemicals on your head is going to make your hair look as styled to perfection as it looks on the television. I know you all want that perfect blow out look. It is acceptable once in a while. But, I will never recommend you to get your hair style often. Once a month is more than enough. Hot air really damages the hair.

Your hair, no matter how simple they look, are built up of complex components. If you color too much, they will go white. If you use excess of shampoo, residue will build up. If you do not provide any kind of nourishment for your hair, they will look dry and lifeless. We often worry about gray hair and how we can avoid them. Nowadays, even young females have the gray hair problem. This is astonishing as this did not happen, say, 20 years back, when the diet was more healthy and people were not really into using all sorts of chemicals on their heads. Yes, hair care was a lot simpler then. Today, people hardly find time to take care of themselves. They neglect themselves. This affects their face and their hair in the first go. Hair gets prone to breakage, which isn’t good. So, one should always remember that no matter how tough life gets or how busy you become, you will always keep 10 minutes of a day to yourself- for your own grooming.

Here, I talk about 5 things that you can do to improve the condition of your hair

1) Brush your hair properly

From the scalp to the tip, hair should be properly brushed and detangled. This way, the hair gets less prone to breakage. By brushing one’s hair, the circulation of the scalp is stimulated and this results in an increase in the rate of hair growth as well.

2) Brush your hair BEFORE washing

I read this in some magazine recently. What happens is that when you shampoo your hair, obviously your hair gets wet. Wet hair are more prone to breakage. But since you want to untangle them, you still brush on. Instead of untangling your hair AFTER you have shampooed, try brushing your hair BEFORE you step into the shower. To begin with, your hair won’t be badly tangled after the shampoo and also, you won’t feel the need to comb straightaway.

3) Do not use excess of product

I understand that you are in a hurry of improving your hair. But wait a second! Do you want to ruin your hair with this over enthusiasm? Seriously? When you use a hair product, for example a hair masque, do not use it every time you shampoo your hair. Also, be careful when you are washing your hair after applying hair product. If you do not rinse all of it out, residue builds up on the scalp which cause hair breakage. Also, you do overdo your shampooeing. Wash your hair but not in excess. Do not strip your scalp of the natural oils that it secrets for its own benefit.

4) Pat dry wet hair

When you shampoo, do not rub your hair into quick drying. Sure, it is an easy and quick way of drying your hair but what you do not understand is that when wet hair is mishandled, it becomes prone to breakage and all the baggage that comes with it. When you just pat your hair slightly and let them be, they take longer to dry up but at least they are not prone to breakage and are not weak.

5) You can’t make the split ends go away

Hair is complex but simple in so many ways. When you see your hair splitting at the end, know that it is not going to miraculously heal if you apply a lot of product on it. When talking about split ends, I understand that they are your worst nightmares but you have to understand that you cannot heal them. You can only stop them from happening in the first place. So, if you want to take care of your hair and avoid those split ends, be careful with whatever you are applying on your head. Do not over rinse or over exert or rub your wet hair dry. Your hair is precious cargo. Take care of it.

Other than the 5 points mentioned here, I can add a few small points too. Avoid backcombing as it makes one lose a lot of hair. You don’t want that. Never ever use hot iron on wet/ damp hair. The curling iron can burn your hair follicles. If it is an absolute must for you to blow dry your hair, take adequate care and use oils or serums. Also, do not use the blow dryer at its maximum heat.


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