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Gwyneth Paltrow Launches Goopglow Supplements

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Gwyneth Paltrow Launches Goopglow Supplements

In a magical world called GOOP, hair is always flaxen, food is always organic, and advice is always given fast, free, and smoothed with a squeeze of rich-girl gloss. As embodied by GOOP’s founder, Gwyneth Paltrow, the GOOP way is somehow both “easy” and “impossibly _____.” (Gorgeous / elevated / cool, you pick.)

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The effect is so strong that even though Paltrow is merely on the phone with me (a conference call with publicists, no less!) I catch myself dabbing extra concealer under my eyes minutes before our interview. She’ll know, I think. She’ll just know.

Okay, maybe not. But the 45-year-old Oscar winner does know a lot about skincare, and food, and how to make a tiny packet of powder into a luxury staple. To that end, we discussed her newest oooh-factor—a supplement called goopglow Morning Skin Superpowder—and also mall food, smart girl problems, and ’90s eyebrows.

Courtesy of GOOP

We’re starting to see more supplements in the beauty market, but this is the first one I’ve tried specifically for skincare. What can a skin supplement do that a cream or serum can’t?

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We’re really into this inside / outside approach to beauty right now, and we decided to make a supplement because, well, all the products we create at GOOP are because we want them for ourselves! So we wanted a skincare supplement in our own lives, especially when we see there are clinically proven results around vitamins and minerals that work for skin… then from the [brand] side, we saw a white space for a skin supplement, and we know there’s a big future in the inner-outer beauty game. So we wanted to get in there.

You mention the clinically proven results, and the supplement has things like Vitamin C, lutein, and grapeseed extracts. How do they work in your body?

It’s a really cool combination. It compliments topical antioxidants. When you’re imbibing [the superpowder], it protects your skin internally the free radicals that get triggered by UV exposure, and the toxins you eat and drink. That addresses the internal free radical aspect. The fact is, we don’t get enough antioxidants in order to make up for what the body needs to tackle environmental distress. This helps our skin fight back.

You’re famous for your intense workout routines. Is it ok to take a supplement before the gym, or do you risk sweating it out?

[Laughing.] I think you’ll be okay! You can really do it either before or after a workout, whatever works for you. I like it first thing, ’cause it’s got this very kind of orange-y Vitamin C feel, so it’s a good boost to get out of bed. It’s good for rehydration. It tastes like Tang… Oh god, are you too young for Tang? When I was little there was this drink called Tang – astronauts would drink it, and it was this famous thing. It was like orange juice but, you know, tangy. Anyway, that’s how it tastes.

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If you’re taking a supplement, do you have to pull calories elsewhere in your diet?

It’s only 10 calories per pack. If you need to move something around in your diet for 10 calories, we should be having a different conversation than this one.

People always ask about the best beauty or skincare tricks you’ve learned, but I’m more interested in bad advice. What beauty “trick” do you wish you’d never done?

Way back, everyone was like, “Gwyneth, make your eyebrows thinner!” They were very into extreme eyebrow plucking. I didn’t listen to them, thank goodness. My friends from high school who did it? Their eyebrows never grew back!

How about at work? What’s the worst career advice you’ve ever gotten?

I was told, when I was young and just starting out doing press, somebody told me—I was like 20 when I did my first press junket—and somebody told me I shouldn’t use big words because it made me unlikeable. That was the worst. Obviously I didn’t listen; you shouldn’t listen. Let’s make sure nobody listens to that, ever.



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