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Grow Up!


The inspiration came while scrolling down some facebook page, there was a picture that praised the nature and under it a girl’s comment that praised the picture. And underneath that comment were replies of a few boys of such outstanding nature it’s impossible to even picture them getting praised ever. They all repeated ‘add me’ as if it was a chorus to some song. And even looking at those replies felt so cheap, it’s truly a wonder if they didn’t feel so replying so. In their utterly desperate attempt to make a new friend, all they managed to get – and deservedly so – is a few eww’s from girls and abuses from boys.

Dear studs, if a girl commented on some random photo she didn’t do it because she wanted to add you as a friend. She isn’t dying to be your friend and honestly, she is not even willing to. You are the one thinking your ‘add me’ would admit you into her circle of trust and all of a sudden, you would become her worthiest accomplice. Uh-oh mister! First, a girl never responds to such cheapness and second, even if she did, that’s just because she isn’t done with laughing at you. And that may well be your biggest accomplishment, you managed to make the reader laugh – although at you. Have a good look at this: You mark your first communication with a girl you have never seen before and lives miles away from you with an immensely idiotic cheapness and you think she will be obliged? What in the facebook were you thinking?

Anyone with the basic knowledge of facebook knows how friend requests work – there’s practically nothing to understand in it. They can be sent to anyone by anyone unless it’s blocked. And a person is blocked from sending a friend request when too many people have ignored his request. That’s why you are forced to depend on others to ‘add me’ because you have been restricted from sending requests as a lot many girls (obviously) have already ignored yours. And incredibly, it’s still not clear to you! If you are so desperate to make a female friend, why don’t you try for someone whom you know personally. And if that’s not working take it as a fact that this won’t either. Let alone friend zone, you are not even made for friend request zone!

Friend Request

And this is just one category of perverts out of many available. Another one includes those show their cheapness through cell phones. They are the ones who somehow acquire a fake SIM and then call up any girl to talk non-sense to her the only time she answers the phone. Apart form that, they text or whatsapp her numerous forwarded messages, all the while devil making them think she will not block but respond to them. This is what gets not only the girls but all the civilized people irritated. Some hideous guys offering friendship through hideous ways. Who even thinks of making friends this way!

There’s nothing wrong in approaching strangers, that’s how all the people become friends and some times even fall in love. But there’s a way to do that. There are etiquette involved in approaching a stranger even if he is of the same gender, approaching the opposite requires a lot more politeness and respect. As of facebook, it is considered worldwide to be a medium to connect with friends, not strangers. The only way to start a friendship is personally. And unfortunately as these people have no good looks and clearly no good nature either, doing so is impossible for them. Resorting to such cheap means becomes their only option and they fearlessly showcase their cheapness in public.


If ever this article somehow makes it’s way to such a person, please listen to one thing. Don’t. Just… Don’t! Grow up, man! Do even you like doing all this? And has this ever been fruitful? Or more importantly, do you think it will ever be? You live in a highly civilized country now that considers this by far an inappropriate behaviour. All you manage to do is have them look down upon you as a disgrace to the society. And honestly speaking, yes you are. If it’s not too much to ask, please stop. Realize that you are just letting people make fun of you without any reason because what you do isn’t going to reward you ever. Are you even a bit proud of it? Better start acting civilized because once you are, you have far better chances of making a new female friend.

Grow up to be a man. Grow up to realize it’s not your home but of 1.28 billion users. Grow up to have the decency to respect someone’s privacy so that when she wants to even like a picture, she can do it without someone pestering over her to make him a friend. If you really want to, work very hard to change your nature and approach someone personally. Trust me, you have a serious problem and if you want to be a better part of the society, grow up to overcome it. Because if you see it, it’s not that hard to conquer either.

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