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The Natural Anti-Oxidants: Green Tea


Green tea has its origin in China and has been used since a very long time. The benefits of drinking green tea vary from refreshing your mind every morning to prevention of cancer; from providing necessary antioxidants to lowering of blood pressure. It is certainly more than just green liquid. It is full of daily nutrients like the natural flavonoids and other polyphenols. These reduce the formation of harmful bacteria and unnecessary cell growth in the body and thus have anti-aging properties. Black tea is made from fermentation process which reduces its properties while green tea is free from this fermentation process. They prevent us from many diseases and act as the natural anti-oxidants in body. It contains bioactive compounds which have endless benefits.

green tea

Here are the top 10 benefits of Green Tea

Antioxidants lower the risk of Cancer

Oxidative damage promotes the growth of cancer tissues and causes damage to the body. Green tea is the best antioxidants present in nature and thus it reduces the risk of cancer. Women who drink green tea are at lesser risk of developing breast cancer, a survey found out. Similarly the survey showed results indicating men with green tea drinking habit were less prone to prostate, oral, liver and stomach cancers. Green tea curbs the tumours by blocking the blood vessels which feed them. Ordinary tea does not help the cause as addition of milk lowers the antioxidant properties and black tea has higher caffeine content. Thus green tea is probably the best morning beverage.

Keeps Your Weight in Check – Weight loss

The body metabolism rate is increased by green tea. It reduces cholesterol level, removes harmful toxics and also keeps your tummy full by curbing your untimely food cravings and hunger. Excess water is removed from your body due to diuretic properties of green tea and thus keeps your weight under control. It helps in reducing your abdominal fat. Polyphenols present in green tea alters the rate at which the food gets converted to calories. Green tea thus reduces your risk of being obese.

Reduces risk of heart attack

Drinking green tea reduces the risk of heart attack by improving the body cells which are present at the walls of blood vessels. The presence of flavonoids relaxes these vessels and this result is easy flowing of blood and thus chances of getting a heart attack are minimal. Also increase of antioxidant properties of blood helps in controlling the cholesterol levels. It prevents the formation of blood clots. This reduces the risk of other cardio vascular diseases.

Increases Physical Stamina

The higher the presence of antioxidants in the food the higher is the fat to fuel conversion rate of the body. There is no better source of antioxidants and thus it increases the endurance of muscle and your energy level. It gives a big boost to the metabolism rate of the body. The presence of caffeine in green tea helps in getting fatty acids from the fat tissues which are then available as energy sources. Green tea enhances your physical performance and endurance. There are a few exceptions in this regard, and hence the impact varies from individual to individual.


Protection of your brain

Research shows that caffeine has the potential to have a positive impact on brain if taken in controlled amounts. Green tea not only has caffeine but a compound called L-theanine. The combination of both improves your memory and reaction time as they directly have an impact on the neurotransmitters. While coffee, due to its higher caffeine content is not advisable; green tea is recommended by most of the professionals. The long term impacts of green tea on the brain lies in the fact that it protects you from various diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Green tea is said to decelerate the effects and impacts of such diseases. Alzheimer’s is a cell degenerative disease and Green tea protects the brain cells and repairs the damaged dead cells at a rapid rate. Catechin present in green tea protects the neurons.

Keeps you hydrated

Green tea has a very refreshing impact on the body. Tea has a dehydrating property in general and that is what the belief is. But green tea has hydrating and rehydrating properties which are as good as the hydrating properties of water.

Prevents tooth decay

Catechin present in green tea destroys the bacteria like streptococcus mutans that cause dental disorders especially tooth decay. Green tea reduces bad breath as well. It also protects you by protecting you from throat infections.

Protects you from Diabetes

The most common disease that most of the people in the world are facing is diabetes. The disease is caused due to increased sugar levels and the inability of the body to produce insulin. Green tea facilitates the production of insulin because of its insulin sensitivity and helps in normalization of blood sugar levels. It regulates the glucose levels in the body.

No depression!

Tea leaves contain an amino acid named theanine. This theanine has a tranquilizing impact on the brain and reduces the stress. This helps the person in overcoming depression and staying away from it!

Helps you live longer!!!

Regular consumption of green tea can help you live longer. It controls the blood pressure levels in your body, protects you from all sorts of diseases and also gives you a vibrant look. Green tea lowers the risk of a person getting affected by heart strokes or cancers and eventually ends up adding a few more years to their lifetime.

So all you need to do is keep calm and drink green tea!


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