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Green Tea = Elixir!


Ever since people have started to follow a healthier lifestyle all the things which they have been so far have drastically changed. Whether it`s opting out of consuming non-vegetarian food items or the extreme diet of veganism, people these days are ready to go to any extend to lead a better and a healthier life.
26 May 2014 (3)
The growing concern of keeping the body fit amongst people have brought about many changes in the lifestyle and food habits of a large chunk of population. The new fad of looking slim has damaged body figures and a few are subject to fatal diseases like anorexia.

A greater concern has rose above all these fitness obsessions, which is, the concern to look and feel good without harming the body and it`s quality. To help you overcome all these health problems there is a single mantra for all your cures – the green tea.

Everyone is talking about green tea these days. Fitness junkies are shifting from regular drinks to green tea. People are increasingly making way for green tea in their diet plans. Even restaurants are now offering various types of green teas to their customers. Even children are seen drinking green tea.

Why this sudden change?

Why are more and more people moving towards green tea?

Is green tea really effective?

Here`s why green tea is rocking the towns these days:

26 May 2014 (2)
A stimulating drink

Cannot keep your caffeine intake in check? Relax. We have a solution.

Unlike black tea or normal tea, green tea can actually keep your caffeine intake in check. It has caffeine from a natural source and not the kind which we generally come across in similar beverages. So, you need not worry about excessive intake of green tea unless you are actually drinking too much of it. It is the best alternative to tea, coffee or any other energy drink.

 Helps in weight loss

For all those lazy people out there who are not able to drag themselves to the gym each day, here is the solution. Green tea acts as a great fat burning ingredient which has definitely no side effects. If you look at the ingredients list for any fat burning supplement, chances are you will find green tea mentioned there.

This is because green tea has been researched and the researches show that green tea helps burn the fat and boost the metabolism. Caffeine itself is known for improving physical performance by mobilizing fatty acids and making them available for use as energy.

Lower the risk of cancer

Cancer is caused by uncontrolled growth of harmful cells in the body which can be controlled by taking in antioxidants regularly. Green tea is a power antioxidant and is thus, able to reduce the chances of having cancer. The catechins which are the special antioxidants destroy the free radicals that can do harm to us. Various studies show how green tea drinkers are more likely to be cancer-free.

Protects old age

Old age is generally associated with a plethora of diseases which the body is fighting daily. Green tea can act a saviour in these times. Green tea which is known to have magical results can prevent brain in old age. The two most common diseases which grip upon one in the old age are Alzheimer`s disease and Parkinson`s disease. These diseases can be kept at bay by regular consumption of green tea.

Skin care

The effects of green tea are not only limited to the inside of human body. Green tea is being used for protecting skin from sun damage. A lot of face washes and sun blocks are using green tea as a vital ingredient. Having lots of beneficial antioxidants, it reduces the likelihood of developing wrinkles. You can always look young and fresh.
Even when directly applied to hair, green tea shows great results. It helps hair get thick and strong.

Even for having healthier gums, one can use green tea and rinse their mouth with this. The presence of ‘catechin’ destroys the bacteria and viruses and provides better oral health.

Makes you smarter

Tea doesn`t only keep you awake at nights so that you can study but it also makes you smarter. The key ingredient to getting smarter is- caffeine. When taken in limited quantity caffeine works wonders for your brain. Intake of caffeine leads to improvements in functions of brain, memory, reflexes, mood et cetera. Studies show that people feel much more hydrated, productive and energetic after consuming green tea instead of ordinary tea or coffee.

Fights depression

Theanine which is an amino acid is found in green tea in great quantity. It leaves a great effect on the drinker. The consumer feels hydrated, calm, fresh apart from feeling energetic and ready to go. This is one thing which can instantly lift up your mood after having a hard day

Helps live longer 

We all will die, inevitably. However, green tea can slow that process as it reduces the risk of being prey to various cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes. Studies show that regular drinkers of green tea live longer and better than their non-drinking counterparts. Why wait then?

26 May 2014 (1)

I`am a green tea drinker. Are you?

Get your cup of daily elixir to live long and strong.



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