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You have a great Girlfriend!


We have often seen people complaining about their partners. It is not an uncommon sight to see that people tend to get depressed in their relationships and eventually break up. In cases when they don’t break up, they keep their relationships on the cliff hanger and do the most unscrupulous activity called as cheating. But how often have we seen people praise their girlfriends? Rather how would you know whether you really have a good girlfriend or not? It is not always about the looks, there is a whole story behind the same. Well, you just need to read on and by the time you finish reading this article, you will have plenty to think about and plenty of reasons to compare. I got a great partner, do you have one?

Signs that show you have a great girlfriend!


No more opposites attract!

Well, it is one of the most common romance myth when people say opposites attract. In reality, the moment you have opposite choices, you tend to accept your partner’s choice at first but soon you end up getting irritated at some stage. If your girlfriend likes the same things as you do, this is the very first indication that she is the right one for you. Even if she is not the most comfortable person with certain things, but tries to accept it for your sake, don’t you think she is angelic?

Shares Everything

It is a known fact that a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets. But if your girlfriend turns up to you to tell you every important thing; what happened here and there, how was her day and every other detail, you can be assured that she is the best. Whenever she is happy, she turns to you. Whenever she is sad, she looks up to to snuggle in your embrace. This itself shows the great deal of trust she has on you.

She will never ask you to change!

If a girl really loves you, she will love you the way you are. No matter whether you come out in shorts with ruffled hair with the ugliest of tees on your body, she will still love you and never ask you to change your habits. Yes, this does not mean you have a free license to continue with all your bad habits. So if she tries to stop or inhibit unwanted practices, it is for your benefit. Without giving it a second thought, simply listen to her. A good girlfriend never tries to make you her mr. perfect, she rather tries to find the mr. perfect in you..

No interference

Most of the times the major reason for fights among the couples is because of the reason that the guy feels irritated because of interfering behavior of his girlfriend. A good girlfriend has full faith on you and so even if you don’t talk to her for sometime because of your hectic schedule, she tries to understand the situation and doesn’t bother you with unwanted calls or message.


No restrictions!

A good girlfriend shares a very vibrant relationship with you. She feels free when you are around. She is her natural self. She has no boundaries or restrictions when she knows that you are standing next to her. She never feels unsafe or confined in your presence. This is the true essence of a true relatiopnship. You know everything about your girlfriend, her values, habits, obsessions and everything else!

Family and friends time!

If your partner loves to hang out with your friends and family, then it is a good sign because it indicates that she loves everything and everyone who love you. She tries to fit in your family gathering so easily that you have no issues with her. She is understanding and helpful in nature.


A good girlfriend knows exactly the things you like and the kind of things you desire to have. She will often come up with something new and creative to surprise. She knows how to leave you flabbergasted. Sudden plans of going out or giving you the chocolates you like or anything else, she seems just so perfect. Giving you letters and cards is something she would do time and again. Do not get annoyed. This is how she expresses herself because she is really into you.

Patient listener

Before you take it in the wrong sense, this does not mean you will shed all you anger on your girlfriend and bombard her with lectures. Many people have this habit. Some are trying hard to change it. You can be one of those. Your girlfriend listens to everything you say, this does not mean you can bully her. Moreover, she is a patient listener. She hears to you when you are happy, sad or grumpy. She tries to relate to you and shares all you feelings.

You love her because she is awesome

Lastly, she is some one who never tries to change. She does try to change for your good but never tries to do something that would disappoint you. She is truthful to you and the most loyal. You like every little thing she does, be it playing with her hair or the little thing she does with her nose, everything! To summarize, you love the person she is and not her looks or externakl appearance.


Look back and see how good your girlfriend is. Maybe you have not given her the treatment she deserved. She has the right to be happy and the right to be loved. Have faith and love your girlfriend.

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