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The Grammar Nazis


Their are too types off people in this world. Won, who need English understandable to the mind end too, who need English suitable to the ice. The first won can go through this paragraph with out any trouble butt the second won would take age is. Beak cause they dont just read; they watch, mentally correct it all end than read what ever’s written. These are the once who wood happily interrupt any one from seen years to june years beak cause any thing else in the world wood do, butt knot a grammatical error.

The weaker once fear them, the stronger once dont mind them end the world acknowledges them as the knew Nazis, the Grammar Nazis.

If you were irritated by the grammar of above paragraph by the very first line, tired of mentally correcting it by the second and yet corrected the whole paragraph because your inner conscience wouldn’t ever forgive you if you didn’t, congratulations, you are one of them. And there are countless others like you who feed on the silly mistakes of individuals less intellectual than you. Maybe writing video as vedio doesn’t make much difference to their lives (but it should, shouldn’t it?) but to you it’s a matter of life and death, no? Vo jeena bhi kya jeena jisme proper English na ho! For you the world doesn’t need food or environment to survive, it just needs the proper use of a language.

GN at Work

But being a Grammar Nazi is in no sense a bad thing. The reason for this is because the balance of the universe is maintained; Grammar Nazis are irritated by the world as much as they irritate it. Be it a simple spelling mistake, an error with the tenses, a misplaced apostrophe or even the missing title of an ‘i’, they enjoy correcting them as much as others enjoy committing them. There is no personal hatred between the two groups. Grammar Nazis don’t hate the people, they hate their mistakes. And others don’t hate the Grammar Nazis, they just hate their habit.

When considered seriously, this problem appears to be not even worth solving. Because there is no harm whether a person is a Grammar Nazi or not until he keeps his habit in check. Being a grammar fanatic in casual conversations is fine but including that habit in serious discussions is irritating. Correcting one’s grammar mentally is always acceptable; you get to continue your habit without offending anyone. But as soon as that correcting becomes public, it becomes commenting. And commenting on someone’s command over a language during a serious discussion is unsocial. Behaving such on a regular basis earns others criticism and inspires others to even avoid you. Hence this habit is tolerable only when it’s not in serious discussions or better, in public.

It’s not only the Grammar Nazis who need to learn; there are some things to learn for others as well. The first of them would be not to take it seriously. Whether out of fun or out of addiction, if they can’t control it, you need to be the bigger one. They are the only ones your inappropriate use of grammar makes difference to and hence it shouldn’t make a difference to you. Ignoring their remarks is the best solution for you. And giving the Grammar Nazis some credit, they are not doing anything besides improving your language. If for once you try not to be offended but interested instead, you will get a whole lot of chances to improve yourself. And once you have improved, they would get no opportunity to correct you. Hence listening to them is also a way to stop them.

Makes a Difference to

It doesn’t matter whether you are one of them or not, because you will always have to tolerate the other side. The wise thing to do would be to learn from them rather than tolerate. Learn that it’s not every time that such habit passes off as a joke and sometimes it can be taken as an insult as well. Therefore having control over this habit is a crucial thing. And also learn that this habit is not meant to offend but to improve. The faster you learn to look out for the positive aspect of it, the better you will be able to cope with it. And God forbid but one day you may actually become one of the Grammar Nazis.

It’s not even clear what lead to the formation of such group of people; whether it was some people too fond of speaking perfect English or some people too dumb to even speak average English. But what it has come to is two groups leaving each other constantly irritated. So what if there was some ultimate solution to this problem? One thing that could stop Grammar Nazis from correcting everyone and the other group from forcing them to do so? Well the simple solution is to stop using the language altogether. If the language is creating so much irritation, why not shift to our mother tongue when communicating to the other group? Because obviously there will be no Grammar Nazis if there is no grammar.

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