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Going Green: The Most Efficient Modern Day Tips


The age of modernization has brought in a lot of changes in our lifestyle and we as individuals, engrossed in this modernization phase, have forgot a few fundamental ideals which we should be following with utmost care. We have become lazy and all that we believe in is the fact of take and only take. We take so much from the Mother Nature but forget to give something back in return. When the civilizations started, wasn’t the talk about give and take phenomenon? We were supposed to take things from our nature and give something back in equal amounts. Time runs but it is still not late. We should take little initiatives to save our planet and adopt the motto of “Going Green”. So how do we start? What do we do different in order to achieve this? Here is a look at some of the most efficient going green tips:


Save Water

This is the most fundamental step one should be taking. How do we save water is the next question to answer. The solution lies in small and efficient methods. Try to repair the faulty pipes and leakages as soon as possible. You should try avoiding the packaged drinking water. Why create wastes by disposing plastics for drinking water? Our municipal corporations are efficient enough to take necessary steps to provide you hygienic tap water. Still for your convenience, filter it again and drink. Turn off the taps when you brush. We all have been listening to this but never really give a thought to it. So give a thought to it now and start doing it! Take shorter showers, avoid unnecessary daily car wash; do your bit!

Minimize your wastes

Why do you wish to eat more and more junk and create wastes? Why do wish to wish to buy something only to be using it for a week or a month at most? Buy things sensibly and minimize your waste. It must not be bothering you much once the waste go away from your households. But you should know that not all wastes are biodegradable. The wastes that we generate are getting dumped at landfill sites. What if we run out of landfill sites? Our earth has finite land, but our wastes seem endless. Think over it!

Conserve fuel

We all are bothered about the price hike in the fuels. So why not take and initiative of minimizing our own fuel consumption and thus helping ourselves by saving quite some bucks? For the parents who prefer sending their children to school by their own cars can opt for school buses or have a car pool. Why take the vehicles even for short distances; opt to walk or cycle. This will help in conserving fuel and gives you good health as well.

Keep a check on books

You certainly need to study if you want to pass your exams. But it is certainly not necessary to buy all the books. You can borrow books from the library. The moment your semester ends, you can return the books and issue new ones. Having a personal library makes no sense as you yourself know that you are not going to touch the same books once you are done with your exams.

It’s the E-world

We generate a lot of wastes by using a lot of paper. Certainly paper is biodegradable but everything takes time to degrade. So why waste paper at first place? Opt for e-magazines and e-newspapers to meet your daily needs. Avoid using paper for cleaning your slabs and table. God has created cloth for that purpose so please start using cloth for cleaning instead of using paper tissues. Ask your telephone service providers to generate e-bills for you. Pay your bills online and say goodbye to paper bills.

Electronic Wise

Be a smart individual and switch to LEDs and CFL bulbs. Yet again, it is not a new proposition but an old one which people have ceased to implement in their lifestyle. You have to e-smart if you want live an efficient and elegant life and at the same time do your bit for the nature. Do not throw electronic wastes. Do not dispose off your electronic goods in the dustbins. The electronics wastes have highly toxic chemicals in them which are almost impossible to purify. You should try to use the goods for long periods of time. There is no need for you to buy new phone every month. In case you do, make sure you sell off your old phone instead of disposing it off or you lend it to someone in need of it.

Educate, Educate, Educate

The last and the most important of all is that you should not confine your ideas and thoughts to yourself. A team effort often yields better results than an individual effort. The more people you educate, the more people try and implement these ideas, the greener the world gets! You should inculcate these good social and eco habits in the children as they are the generation next. They are the ones who have to bear the consequences of poor living practices. If good values are inculcated since childhood, they will certainly be more aware citizens and a better representative of the “Going Green” campaign.

go green

Always remember, start your bit today. It is always better late than never.


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