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Go vegan-not because eating meat will lead you to hell after death, not because your favorite actor endorses PETA, not because your religion condemns it; do it because of your conscience. Do it for the animals that have as much right to live a life as humans. That cannot raise the voice against the atrocities. That are killed to provide food and clothes and approval for cosmetics products. I have heard many people say, try it once, it is delicious! Is killing a creature justifiable because your taste buds can`t resist chicken? With every bite doesn`t your mind screams “FLESH!”, “FLESH!”

Behind the closed gates:

1) Cage-Once people see how the delicious, sumptuous meal that is put on table is actually prepared, they might even shun non vegetarian. Firstly, hundreds of hens are stuffed (literally) in the rosters where there is no way people can distinguish between their foods and poop.

2) Scalding– Chicks are born with smooth fur and feather. Your meal is sans either of them. How? Well, it is ruthlessly plucked off their body. They are dipped in hot water so that it is convenient for humans to pluck it easily.

3) Mutilatory procedures– After we are done away with feathers, next comes the beak, toe nails, spur removal to name a few. De-beaking is done with a hot blade and feet are cut off.

P.S- all these procedures are undertaken without any anesthesia in local butcher houses. In India, not all hospitals have anesthesia for humans I doubt they will spare some for chicken that is about to die!

I guess these gory details are enough.

They are put through inhumane conditions just to satisfy our taste. Some argue that non vegetarian food is essential for body. I don`t agree. Many wrestlers and healthy people are vegetarian. That ought to shut people up who eat non vegetarian for health.

Being a vegan is not only about eating animal products, it is much more!

It is also about boycotting animal products. Few products are made from animal using their skin, fur or bones while some are tested on them.

·        Animal products on your body is NOT a fashion statement

For fashion followers, is it essential to show off the fur coat or leather jacket? Is it against your standard to wear faux leather or faux fur? Killing animals on the name of making fashionable clothes is cruel. Shun every piece of cloth which is made by stripping off some poor animal`s skin.


  • Check for “not tested on animals” symbol

Many animals like mice, rats, monkeys are kept in laboratories for experimentations. Humans have voices, they won`t allow such experiments on themselves. Thus, it is those voiceless, helpless creatures that have to bear the brunt of humans. They are tied to tables and force fed the cosmetics products just to see their side effects.


  • Do away with lacto products

We have to stop eating cheese, curd and all the lacto side products. This is the difference between veganism and vegetarianism. People believe if you consume such products you are not actually a pure vegetarian.


Being a vegan sounds extreme. You cannot suddenly change your food habits and become a vegan. However, you can take few small steps. They will make a big difference to the animals.

  1. Reduce your intake of non vegetarian foods.
  2. Read the back information of the cosmetic product before you buy it.
  3. Boycott fashion products which are made of fur, leather or wool.
  4. Follow PETA and other sites to know more about vegan lifestyle.

Animals do kill other animals. By this logic some people justify their non vegetarian diet. Yes carnivores kill other animals BUT they do not torture them before eating them. They don`t drug, dissect, shave or force feed them. What really goes behind the closed doors is more cruel and hard to put in words. If the same is done to humans, law will punish them with a verdict of hang till death or life imprisonment.


Think of an alternate universe where animals rule the world and we are the mute creatures. Feel the sharp knife on your neck, different drugs running inside each vein of your body, closed and suffocating compartments, and lipsticks shoved into your mouths, teeth and nails cut with blade. It feels horrible, painful and disgusting even when we are thinking hypothetically. But for sheep, ducks, chicken and other animals, it is real. They are born and reared for their destined end- death and not by natural causes as it is in the case of humans.

Put yourself in their shoes and you will realize that every taste you get from a bite of chicken nuggets, every compliment you get on that fashionable fur coats of yours, every feeling of being beautiful, thanks to cosmetic products, is not worth the pain, the screams, the cuts, the bruises animals have to go through.


Feel the way they do!
Feel the way they do!
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