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Go Green: L.O.V.E. your Environment


salat herz

We all love and care for our family, our lover, our work and every other thing that completes our life. But, do we ever show concern for our environment? Nature has given life to humans and has also preserved it. It becomes an important task for us to repay nature by preserving it, if we don’t preserve our nature now then soon we’ll be unable to preserve and protect human life on earth.

Small things like reducing the consumption of scarce resources, reusing or recycling used things or conserving power whenever possible are useful in the long run. Spending your time by caring for the nature is as good as investing your time in your work. While, usually you work for yourself, preserving nature is like appreciating environment, for it has made human life possible on earth.

All you have to do is just fall in L.O.V.E. with your environment in 3 simple steps:

1) Eat Local food

2) Go Organic

3) Become a Vegetable Eater/Vegan

Scientists and environmentalists around the globe have said that global warming is the biggest environmental problem, which is making human life vulnerable on earth. Carrying reusable bags, using energy-efficient light bulbs, saving water, driving less, all are effective ways of saving resources, but these are nothing when compared to L.O.V.E., which highlights our ‘humane’ side. If you really care about nature, and want to make a big contribution towards saving environment then all you have to do is adopt a ‘green’ lifestyle.

Eat Local Food


While you might get tempted by foods which aren’t available in your local market, it’s always a safer and healthier option to buy those foods which are available locally. Because, when buying exported fruits and vegetables you don’t think about the fact that those fruits and vegetables have traveled a long distance before reaching you. While these foods take time to reach you, they lose all their nutritional value and the ‘green’ healthy characteristics that define them. Then what’s the point of eating a green food if it doesn’t contain all its ‘green’ nutrition?!

By being a locavore (vegan) you can save the extra costs added to the food prices, and also avoid the transportation and refrigeration processes which indirectly contribute to global warming. The local food reaches the markets much before it could loose its nutrients, and you get tasty and healthy green food at economic costs.

Go Organic


Go for organic food because it is free of synthetic pesticides and genetic modifications. Agricultural chemicals are dangerous for health and nowadays farmers use it more and more in order to increase their production, even if it means doing that at the cost of people’s health. The renowned food activist, Sandor Katz said that “Agricultural chemicals are harmful and they kill – not just plants, insects, worms, birds, fungi and the vast universe of soil organisms; they kill people as well.”

By buying organic food you not only promote biodiversity by cutting down on pesticides that pollute our environment but also support the natural farming system that refrains from the use of any harmful, artificial pesticides. Organic farms are also kind, and not inhumane at all, to animals and because of them there is an organic alternative to every food in the market nowadays. The organic food also tastes better and is much healthier than the pesticide-laden foods. And because these foods are organic you can easily tell if the given fruits and vegetables are fresh or not, unlike in the case of pesticide-laden foods which look ‘fresh’ for long. You can also buy organic food online in India on sites such as or

Become a Vegetable Eater/Vegan


Becoming a vegan has several benefits. Not only you adapt a more natural and healthy diet but you also contribute in the reduction of the relentless slaughtering of animals. It also encourages environment sustainability. The harmful effects of human appetite for animal flesh are more than it meets the eye. Deforestation, fresh water scarcity, air pollution, loss of biodiversity, environmental imbalance, social injustice, etc., all are a result of the human appetite for animal flesh. All these lead to environmental imbalance, which in turn threatens the human future.

Mass meat production also leads to carbon emissions, which contributes in global warming. So, if you want to reduce the poor impact of global warming then becoming a vegan would be a great first step for you to take. One big thing that will motivate you to adopt a vegan lifestyle is knowing the fact that on an average, a vegan lives six to ten years more than a non-vegetarian. Vegetarians can also comfort themselves with the fact that their risk of heart diseases, strokes, cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity, etc., is much lower than that of their counterparts.

L.O.V.E. can also stand for Loving Our Valuable Environment. If you won’t love and preserve your environment then don’t expect humans to last for long. Just get all the negative foods and environment-threatening things out of your life and save the environment. L.O.V.E. yourself, L.O.V.E. your environment and do everything possible to save it because without your environment you won’t exist.

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