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Global Warming – We should all do our part


Global Warming – We Are All Responsible

Global warming, what is it? We should start first with answering this question.Global warming refers to the gradual increase in general atmospheric temperature. This is generally attributed to greenhouse effect brought about by
increased levels of chlorofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide and other pollutants. These pollutants are leading us to climatic change.

The average temperature of the atmosphere has been increasing rapidly over the past 50 years. A rate that remains historical since this is the fastest rate of atmospheric temperature change ever witnessed in history. According
to NASA, the period between 2000 to date has recorded, the highest temperatures since the first temperature record was taken 134 years ago. On the other hand, deniers of climate change argue that the atmosphere has experienced a slowdown’ or a pause’ in the rising temperatures globally.

However, most recent studies have disapproved the claim. According to most scientists venturing in climatic studies, global warming is likely to worsen in the near future. To have a clear understanding of where we are headed, we need to look back at where we have come from. This will help in predicting the future and putting I place appropriate mechanisms to prevent the worse off situation where possible.

Climatic Changes since 18th Century

So we will start with looking at the state of the climate in the 18th century. The earliest attempts to estimate the average global atmospheric temperatures were made about one century ago. However, before that, some of the dedicated scientists had already discovered the aspect of global atmospheric temperature and attempted to unveil everything about it. This is because they had suspected that the temperatures were beginning to rise and they possibly anticipated some serious consequences related to the rise.

At the fall of 18th century, the most striking changes in global temperatures began occurring. This was leading to the need to find out what actually was causing the rise in atmospheric temperature. European professors started alleging claims that the then ongoing deforestation in most parts of the world was causing not only reduced rainfalls but also impoverished deserts.

By 1990s several agencies began to analyzes and compile reports related to rainfall, temperature and the like so as to unravel the mystery behind the rising temperatures. Off course, the outcome always suggested an increase in temperature. However, scientists in those times strongly refused to acknowledge the fact that the change could be due to human influence. Even as the effects intensified, very few scientists believed that it could be caused by human activities.

Time has stretched steadily without a realisation of how rapid climatic changes have been occurring. But this was until around 25 years ago when the global temperature levels started reaching worrying levels An indicator that it was headed to a worse extent. Since then, several scientific studies have been carried out to find out the cause and as per the latest studies, human activities contribute greatly to global warming.

Preventing Global Warming

Following the effects of global warming, governments, companies and institutions have come up with a number of ways to prevent it so as to avoid further effects associated with this unfriendly global phenomenon. Some scholars have also conducted several research studies to establish the best solutions to this problem. Some of the solutions that are deemed viable are briefly described below:

Energy solutions- Governments around the world are now funding the use of renewable sources of energy. This is because non-renewable sources constitute a huge percentage of emissions in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons. Companies and industries can actually reuse waste products that warm up air to
reduce the effects and instead convert it into more beneficial resources. As Arnold Schwarzenegger points out, ‘The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy’. According to Schwarzenegger, if energy renewal; mechanisms are put in place, not only will we be able to benefit from renewable energy but also we shall have sustainable sources of energy that protects our atmosphere from damage.

Apart from energy renewal, lifestyle change is also instrumental in combating global warming. Lifestyle change can be achieved through increased public awareness in relation to the best practices to prevent emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere and other public as well as market-based initiatives. More information on prevention of global warming can be found at

Similarly, agencies and institutions such as SolarCity have  come up with efficient ways of delivering clean and more affordable energy. A combination of efforts by such institutions greatly enhance prevention of global warming.


Another way of minimising levels of global warming is by going green. This entails practicing businesses and activities that are potentially friendly to both humans and environment/atmosphere. Going green ensures minimum emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere, hence preventing global warming. Read more about going green at

In a nutshell, global warming is one of the greatest threats in the world that has a long history. It has been growing worse overtime since it was first discovered. The above described steps undertaken by governments and companies are instrumental in reducing the rate of global warming and therefore worth embracing. While putting them into practice, personal responsibility in preventing this menace is important.

So it’s worth asking yourself: How do I personally contribute to global warming or its prevention? With each one of us taking their personal responsibility, the vision of restoring our climate shall be actualised.

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