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No Girls’ Night Out? 5 Fun Girls Night ‘In’ Ideas to the rescue


How often does that happen that you are strewn across the desk all 6 or even 7 days of the week neck deep in either school assignments or college projects or office presentations. Even at home, the responsibility of kids or taking care of the husband or the house hold chores and what not. Oftentimes you wake up to find and notice yet another day has passed by and you could not take out as much time as to say a little ‘hi’ to your dear group of girls, the people you refer to as your soul sisters – your girl friends!

Girls Night In 2

These very people you term as your bridesmaid are getting ignored because of the reckless speed of today’s fast life, but worry no more.

Following are 5 truly amazing trips to invite them over one fine weekend and enjoying whilst catching up even in that short period of time! Its a Girls Night In after all. There are plenty of various ways through which you can enjoy the company of your friends while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. The kids could be out for a sleep over at some friends’ place and the husband might be late from office or them sitting right beside your room or in hall – it won’t matter – you, certainly, would be easily approachable if needed and yet having the kind of fun you deserve!

1. Movie Night

Girls Night In 3

Line those chick flicks right up because hey, it is a Movies Night!
Nothing works as a stress breaker and nothing gives you more to bandage that gap created in your friendships than bonding over movies! So line up the best movies you and your girl friends love and heat up those snacks and pop corns along with cold drinks and don’t shy away from letting go of your laughter as the light aura of the evening takes over. Some suggestions for the same would include the infamous chic flicks by the name of – Pretty Woman, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Clueless, Room with a View…

2. Dance Party

Girls Night In 4

No matter what age you are, this one loosens you up and distresses unlike any light evening planned. So invite your pals over and keep the music all of you like ready because that one evening you are going to pay homage to your earlier night out days to discotheques in your own home! You know how they say about dance like no one is watching?

3. Chef Night

Girls Night In 5

Now, to break it down for you, cooking alone and cooking together are two activities poles apart. While cooking alone could be a dragger task, cooking together could not be more fun! Now, you can either all of you can work on same things or look up stuff online and divide the oh so delicious menu to be cooked by different little teams, some preparing desert, appetizer, sizzler and some working on main course along with, of course, elegant and classic bottles of wine to put the cherry on the cake!

4. The At-Home Spa

Girls Night In 6

There is no stopping when a woman decides on something, as the saying goes and once you have indeed decided to have your share of girly time, why not a at home spa? Line and search everything up from DIY Hair Deep Conditioning, DIY Face Masks, DIY Pedicures, manicures & nail art, Make-up tutorials from infamous Youtube Celebs along with a run over the styling tips & tricks available easily online and bravo! In the name of Girls Night In you just upgraded to a better version of self look wise – how wise!

5. The Online Shopping Spree

Friends working at cafe

Now, all girls are fond of shopping, aren’t they? But the summer heat and humidity only makes it hard for the shopping plans for outside to move towards actual implementation. This.This, my friends, is exactly where online shopping comes to the rescue. With so many brands and websites dedicated to make your experience online more comfortable and pocket friendly, inclusive of all sorts of various offers, cash on delivery and 30 days return policies – this little gift from the technology these days is incomparably a blessing. Turn on that air conditioner and sit with drinks and snacks to scroll up and down the pages instead of going up and down of different floors in malls (which might as well be tiring) and order every thing from purses to tops to dresses or accessories without having to stumble in the real world trying to find your way. Easy peasy – isn’t it?

All the above can very easily be customized to one’s liking too and of course, without any doubt all efforts put in planning the perfect girls night in would be worth it – every one needs a time with their own buddies as apart from being a social activity it also boosts self spirit and makes you more cheerful and confident.

Girls Night In 1

Also, the shared laughs and gossips would in the end strengthen the already strong bond and make you a happier person. What additional you can do is to plan mini DIY return gifts or letters or cards. Won’t that mean the world to your dear girl friends?


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