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Get Rid of Those Facial Hair


Facial hair are a big problem for women . It can be very embarrassing for them and leads to a lot of self loathing. Being hairy is an attribute associated with men hence women find it very awkward to be rich in facial hair and it is a constant reason of worry for them.  There are various methods for removing facial hair for instance there is shaving, threading , waxing and bleaching. Each one of us is aware of the fact that all these methods are unhealthy and are transient. They require  a lot of investment of investment of time and money yet not yielding desired results. Threading is one of the most painful experiences in a woman’s life so most of the woman dread going to  a parlor when it is for threading. Bleaching blackens the skin in long run because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide in it. Waxing loosens the skin . All of these methods make the hair come back even faster and the natural glow of the skin also goes missing. Laser hair reduction is one new method in the market. It definitely harms your skin because of the rays used in it. Laser may cause hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation is darkening of the skin that may occur after the laser hair removal. The laser treatment stimulates melanin production creating a reaction similar to suntan. Itching is a normal side effect of laser hair removal during and after the treatment. Since all these methods do a considerable amount of damage we will have to turn back to our natural home made remedies and Ayurveda products to solve the problem. Ayurveda methods also have a lot of trust of women and women have  a innate inclination to go for these methods. Following are the  methods which will help you to have  a spotless and hair free skin.

Remedy 1- Take chickpea flour add milk to it and 2 tea spoon of  fresh cream. Stir the paste properly and check the consistency of it . It shouldn’t be too runny . Apply it for about half an hour and do it for 6 weeks regularly.


Remedy 2-Take turmeric , it is the best remedy of skin and acts as a cure for 90% skin problems. Add lemon juice to it , honey and crushed potatoes ‘ juice to it. In all the remedies measures of the ingredients will depend upon the target areas and how much mask or mixture u want to make . So act accordingly. The same schedule has to be followed don’t apply more than twice  a week and there should be a gap of at least two days in a week. Also try to maintain the consistency in sticking to one kind of mask after you have chosen one according to suitability , availability and feasibility .


Remedy 3-This one is really simple and can be done on alternative days . All you have to do is peel the potatoes and wait for them to secrete the juice. Collect the juice and apply on the face . Always rub in the upward direction. Potato juice helps to removes tanning and also removes hair . It can also be applied on dark circles. Wash off from your face when you feel that the juice is compact on your skin and has hardened that will take approximately 10 minutes . It can vary from season to season.


Remedy 4-Wheat flour plus water is a very famous and ancient remedy for removing hair . It is also very effective in removing black heads. It acts as a great scrub. This remedy requires minimum investment of money and time . It can be removed when it has dried up. Always peel off the mask in upward direction that is in opposite direction of hair growth.


Remedy 5- This one is for selective people it may or may not suit everyone . Use cleansing milk and allow it to dry then remove it with the help of a cotton bud.


Remedy 6-Eggs can act as a very effective tool in removing hair as egg has nutrients and sticks to the skin so with little pressure it can take the hair out from roots. The white portion of egg should be used on skin and the yolk on hair. Again don’t use it more than once in a week especially in summers. Also if you are allergic to it then don’t repeat it.


Remedy 7- This remedy is one of those which works well on most of the people and shows quick result. However this should be kept in mind that no result will manifest itself before 6 weeks. If you want to do something the right way and be healthy then you have to be patient for it. Take turmeric . Add lemon juice, salt and milk to it. Massage for 5 minutes . Salt acts as a great exfoliating agent and will help you to get rid of the facial hair in no time.It might irritate you  a little bit while applying the paste but avoid using it again .


Facial hair problem occur because of hormonal dis balance after pregnancy and there might be other reasons related to it. Try using these remedies as told and avoid too much of junk and bakery food and do yoga. Enjoy a beautiful experience!



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