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How to get Long and Shiny Hair?


In earlier times managing hairs was not a difficult task because in those times hairs do not have to face pollution and harsh sunrays. But now a day the scenario is a bit different, your hairs have to tackle sun damage, pollution and dirt damage which leads to hair falls and dandruff. And so it is necessary to find the solution so that you can maintain your shiny, strong and manageable hairs. You must be thinking that for making your hairs perfect, you will require great amount of efforts, but that is not true, your little efforts for your hairs can also do wonders.


Mayonnaise treatment


Treatment with mayonnaise can do great wonders. The main focus in this treatment is to nourish your hair ends and bring them to a little better position. It is like feeding nutrients to your hairs with mayonnaise. For the oily hairs you do not need to apply much mayonnaise but for dry hairs you need to apply it more. After applying it, wrap your hairs with a shower cap. After keeping it for one and a half hour, rinse your scalp and wash it away with the help of shampoo.

Egg treatment


Just like milk, egg contains a great amount of vitamins and minerals. Egg provides very important nutrition to your hairs. Regular egg treatment can even reverse back the damaged hairs portion. You just have to take 3 to 4 eggs (as per your hair length need) then crack it in a bowl. Separate the yolk (yellow portion) from the white portion of the egg. Add same amount of olive oil into the bowl. Blend the mixture well with the help of whisk. Wash your hairs with the help of shampoo and then apply the mixture on your hairs and scalp. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and then wash it lukewarm water. In the end again wash yours with cool water.

Yoghurt treatment


Yoghurt is another good remedy to have smooth hairs. The bacteria’s present in it is really beneficial for hairs. Applying yoghurt to your is an easy treatment too, you can do it whenever you want. Firstly remove all curls from your hairs, brush them out gently. Take yoghurt (without sugar or any other element) and apply it straight on your hairs. If you feel uncomfortable with your wet hairs then make a pony or bun and leave it for 30 minutes. If the yoghurt is still wet then you should wait for some more minutes until your hairs get dry and hardened. Thereafter shampoo your hairs with cool water.

Honey, Aloe-Vera treatment


Aloe-Vera is an herbal which is really effective remedy for most of our skin as well as hair problems. It is famous for its nourishing and rebuilding characteristics’. Honey is also not less than Aloe-Vera in providing benefits to hair and skin. But honey have the ability to lighten up the tone of the hairs, so people with dark black hairs should be careful about this. Aloe-Vera gel and Honey in a bowl and stir it well. Apply it on your hairs and scalp and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and wash it out with the help of shampoo and enjoy your shiny glossy hairs.

Vinegar treatment

Vinegar treatment is quite famous and unique way to soften your hairs without much effort. It provides shine to your hairs and also helps in removing dirt and germs which are stick to your hairs. It makes your hairs stronger and longer on regular usage. It is considered to be a best natural hair conditioner. You have to add vinegar and water of equal quantity in one bowl and mix it well. After shampooing your hairs with your regular shampoo, give a massage to your hairs with this mixture and leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash it out with luke warm water and slowly brush up hairs. You will notice the change in your hairs.

Vegetable oil treatment

Vegetable oil provides good amount of nutrition to your hairs and scalp. Firstly shampoo you hairs with your regular shampoo. Add two tablespoons of vegetable oil with your conditioner in a bowl. Let your hairs dry out first. You must take care that not much oil is added in the mixture or else your hairs will turn oily. After this give a good massage to your scalp and hairs. Make sure that when you apply this mixture, not even a single hair is left behind so that the conditioner will work evenly on every strand of hair from tip to top, without showing any unevenness. Wrap your hairs with a plastic bag or shower cap and you can also sit under sunlight to provide heat to your hairs. Leave it for at least 30 minutes and thereafter rinse your hairs gently and wash it away.

Combing just after hair wash

Generally you brush your hairs just after washing them. Most of you do that. But this practice makes hairs weaker and damages your hairs strength. To keep your hairs strong and healthy, it is good to comb your hairs at least after 10 -15 minutes of hair wash.


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