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German Volume Training


Staying fit is the need of the hour. You certainly don’t want to lag behind in the race in the fast paced globe. We see so many youngsters struggling to gain mass and weight. They tend to take supplements, increase their diet by leaps and bounds and end up getting nothing but a big belly! In addition to this, there is always a misconception that hitting the gym will retard your growth and gym is only meant for shaping your muscles. But the fact is you can gain some heavy mass and muscle with a proper gym workout and an apt diet complementing your workouts. And ever since the 1970s, the best way of gaining monster muscle mass is the German volume training (GVT).


Before going further, it is highly important for you to know what exactly this art is. German Volume training is not a very over the top kind of a work out regime. So how does a GVT work? A German Volume Training exposes your muscles to extensive volumes of mass at repeated efforts, i.e., 10 sets of a single exercise. The German Volume Training works on a few fundamental principles:

10 x 10 Workout:

This is the core principle of German Volume Training. All you need to focus on is 10 sets of 10 reps each during your workout. You should start with a weight which is your 50% of maximum lift. Have steady increments till you reach the last set.

Focus on just one exercise a day:

This is another important aspect of the German Volume Training. Perform just one exercise on one body part a day. The selection of your exercise is equally important. Since you are doing just one exercise a day, choose the exercises which work on more than one muscle. The complex exercises. For example, if you are having your chest workout, choose the bench press, be it flat bench press which works on your muscle or inclined bench press which gives your upper chest some heavy mass.

Rest Periods:

When you exercise, it is not only important but mandatory to have optimum rest periods. This is the final principle of a German Volume Training. You lose your strength very rapidly when you are working out the German way. So you should take a 60 seconds break between your sets in the initial stage and as you increase the weights, you can have a 90 seconds break between two sets. If you follow this, you will find yourself being even stronger during your penultimate or the last set. This is due to short-term neural adaptation. If you fail to have proper rest intervals, it will hamper your progressions for sure. You may have a longer rest interval if you are doing the lower body exercises. Also, you should have an off day on every alternate day. This will give a proper rehab period for your muscles. Remember, “Your body grows not when you work out in gym but when your muscles are trying to rest.”

The key idea to GVT is putting high level of stress on your muscles that they are forced to respond with the growth of new muscle. You must work out three days a week. The next big thing is the selection of exercises. As mentioned earlier, you must try and stick to the compound exercises or the multi joint exercises as it is popularly known as. This gives maximum impact to your muscles and they grow under some heavy strain. Military press, dead lifts, dumbbell rows are the ideal choices. Avoid isolation exercises like the bicep curl or calf raise.

To summarize, stick with fundamental exercises, and avoid isolation work. The work out is divided into three training days. You can select different body part combinations, but the ideal schedule is chest-shoulder-back and repeat! Here is a proper workout schedule for an ideal German Volume Training:


Bench press, Decline Dumbbell Press.

(A day off)


Overhead press, Military Press or a Seated Dumbbell press.

(A day off)


Barbell Rows, T-Bar rows and Pull Ups.

(A day off)

Leg exercises, abs and a mixed set.


A very important point to notice is that don’t forget your legs. Many a times we see people striving hard at the gym but not doing leg exercises. That is of no use. You should do your leg workouts as it releases the required growth hormones for your body. Also, it is not necessary to do a 10 x 10 workout for your legs. Just perform 3 sets of 25 reps of each exercise. That’s it!

Complete this workout training for about 6-8 weeks and you will get to see sure shot developments. It is not a surprising thing to see someone gaining about 10 pounds in 6 weeks through smart German Volume Training. Once you are done with 6 weeks training, get back to some normal, not so excruciating and tiring exercises for about 4 weeks. This is a much needed break and recovery period in case you want to grow even more. And then restart your workout after the break. Also don’t forget to get a proper diet along with this. A proper diet is equally important. It facilitates your workout. German Volume Training is the answer to all your gym doubts!


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