The fuss about ‘Fault In Our Stars’ and its lessons

 “You are so busy being you that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.” , a line from John Green’s Best Seller – The Fault In Our Stars
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The possibility of you not knowing about it is real less to be frank considering all the hype, the talks, shares and the just released movie based on the novel. The quotation pictures doing rounds and all the “Them feels” and “heavy breathing” memes up everywhere on the internet must have caught your eye had you or had you not read the movie or the book.

For those who have not, well, here’s a short summed up scoop for you to digest.
The book is about this teenager named Hazel Grace and how she meets the utterly handsome Augustus Waters only to fall in love, “Slowly at first and then all at once” (to showcase as a verbatim to be as precise as possible).
Sounds sweet enough … right?
The sweetness increases as they then leave for a trip to Amsterdam to meet the girl’s favorite book ‘An Imperial Affliction’s’ author Peter Van Houten, a trip which erases all the other physical and emotional boundaries between the two. Hazel’s only area of curiosity lies in the question of why The Imperial Affliction ends midsentence, what happens?
But wait, that is not it.
Spoiler Alert – The couple are not that Romeo-Juleit-isque, the couple first lay eyes on each other in a support group for Cancer Patients. Augustus as a survivor and Hazel as a person diagnosed with a lot of wrong things relating her lungs and cancer. The author they later go on to meet, whom Hazel idealizes turns out to be drunk and absurd, the whole trip being a Augustus’ granted wish which every dying kid deserves, which he had saved from his ill times (and Hazel had spent when she was little, for a visit to an amusement park). ‘A grenade’ as Hazel describes herself and justifies for being all less interactive and separated because she thinks of herself much like a grenade in the sense that she will blow up one day, completing her numbered days as a living being here on earth, leaving nothing but a huge mess of emotions and tears all around. She is an observer, a person who states her thoughts to be stars that she can not fathom into constellations.
Another twist arrives when the reader who knows how Hazel is reluctant ever so slightly at first to make connections because she feels she would leave others devastated is left by the romantic companion as death takes over the love of her life in form of returning cancer.
Oh and this( the book) too ends just as abruptly (okay not as but close to) as does the book described in the book.

The book actually does as it states on its cover – it makes you laugh, it makes you cry and it does make you sad, mushy at times too and still it makes you come back asking for more.

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What one learns from the book/ the text and phrases used in it is :

Yes, It isn’t. Some of your wishes may get fulfilled or pay heeds to but you can not expect to live all in sun shine and have none of the rains. The world does not run like that. For even though Hazel found the love of her life when (she thought she had numbered days left in life that were only increasing by small amounts temporarily)and where (in a Support Group for all the dying people)she expected the least, it did not stay with her forever as in an ideal romantic tale.


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Ever thought so much could be conveyed just in ‘Okay?’, ‘Okay.’ Or ‘Always’? What ever you do with how little impact you think it has on others’ life, it is not necessary to work like that.


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This one says every thing for itself on its own. You only, ideally, should make acquaintances and relationships with those you feel are worth keeping and suffering for when the time comes. A person of few relations manages them the best is what experience teaches you.
Some interesting facts about the book include the derivation of its name. The title as they say is a variation on a quote from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves …”
And if you wonder if the book Hazel seems to be all crazy about, because of its relevance with life and connection to her own, is real or not, sadly, let me break it for you – It Isn’t. I was a product of John Green’s imagination but if you go by Google’s Searches – Augustus’s favourite ‘The Price of Dawn’ is!

Also, the following words by Augustus Waters were more than just adorable.

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In the end, maybe it is only apt to end it by putting it out for everyone;

‘I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend’, as said Gus(Augustus).

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