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Fulfill a Wish


Birthday month is a time when everyone you know starts turning decent. Your parents start taking special care of you because they want you to feel special, your children start obeying you for the same, your friends make you the V.I.P. of the group because they expect a big party and you too start behaving good to all of them because you expect a nice gift from them. So birthday month is a time of demands, requests, pleasures and all these changes finally conclude on your birthday when all your wishes are fulfilled. There may not be any more of being pleasant and important but you got your big gifts, your friends got their big party and your family got your happiness.

Wow, aren’t they? The birthdays! Saying goodbye to a memorable year and beginning the new one in supreme style, starting with truckloads of wishes getting fulfilled on the very first day itself. I understand everybody loves celebrating this joy with their family and friends more than anything else. So when I ask you to think carefully about what I am going to say next, you need to understand just how carefully I want you to think. What if on your birthday instead of fulfilling your wish, you could fulfill a wish. And obviously I am not talking about your friends’ wishes of a grand party. Ironically, I am exactly talking of not doing so. Spending your riches on your rich friends seems quite mainstream, doesn’t it?

Birthday Parties

Why fulfill wishes of ten of your friends when with the same money, you can do so for fifty strangers. Their wish of having something to eat. You probably must have understood by now but if not, let’s make it clear. How does the idea of not spending your money on your friends on your birthday and instead using that money to buy food for the poor seem? Charity, to call it in one word. If you do adopt this manner, you will be doing a whole lot of good by spending your birthday making the needy happy. They may not acknowledge it’s your birthday, not even remember you helped them a day later but still, it’s for given that you will feel satisfied with yourself and it will be a day well spent.

There is even a way to prove that this is a better way to spend your birthday. When your friends ask you what you have been planning for your birthday, tell them about this plan of no party for them but for the poor. And assuredly, they won’t argue because they too know that it’s for a good cause. So why share your happiness and money with those who already have enough of it when there are many who could do with a bit of it. There are easy ways to do it. You could either buy some of them a nice appetite or many of them a small appetite. Anything from a plate of food to a pack of biscuits would do for them. And it’s not even hard to find them; they are in every nook and corner.

Their happiness doesn’t come from what something they get but from if they get something. And that’s where yours would come too if you give it a try. Your friends won’t argue but if they do try to with some illogical points, remember they are doing this for the party so they may well not be your friends at all. It’s better to have no friends than those who care more about your party than you on your birthday. And if you also want to share your happiness with your friends too, there is another alternative. How about splitting your expenditure? You and your friends could surely make a little compromise with a high standard party and the needy you help would still be happy to have something to eat.

Sharing with Poor

It’s obvious that birthday is once-an-year occasion and you want it to be perfect, the way you planned it and the way everybody expects it from you. So it’s a bit of let down for everybody when you decide to celebrate it the way mentioned. But you will forget that let down the moment you see the poor, awaiting for your charity more than your friends awaited your party. Give it a thought and if somehow you find helping the needy a better way to celebrate your birthday, stick to it because then maybe you won’t be getting the big gifts and huge importance, but you will be getting great satisfaction.

So the next time your birthday month arrive, announce beforehand how you plan to celebrate your birthday so that everyone can act accordingly and then watch how much your party mattered to them in their behavior. Maybe it’s not the way everybody dreams of celebrating their birthday but admit it or not, it is the way everybody should dream of celebrating their birthday. Depriving the privileged of something or privileging the deprived with something, you are the one to decide. You have had plenty of birthdays going the universal way, maybe now it’s time to go the human way. You have had plenty of wishes fulfilled; maybe now it’s time to fulfill a wish.

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