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Be Frugal,Be Fit!


Fitness is the new cool.  The new fashion statement is going go gym , getting clicked in vests , rigorously eating myriad forms of enticing salads. In a nutshell people appear like exercise junkies consumed by fitness magazines. A proper working and healthy body is any day more important  than an hour glass figure or muscular physique. An ailment free body can be attained only by eating a balanced diet. The diets propagated by all fancy magazines is not necessarily all you need to keep you fresh and energetic. Astonishingly enough the food that will help us live long and that too in a happy manner requires minimum amount of investment financially. This article will unravel some cheap food and how much you can save as compared to all he junk and fancy diet food .

Wheat-    The wheat flour costs Rupee 20 per kg. It has 11.8 grams of protein , 71.2 gram of carbohydrates, 0.54 grams of vitamin B  and 108 grams of vitamin A. That is more than what you will find in a burger or nachos. You can make a chapati of  wheat or mix it in a pancake batter . Being rich in carbohydrate it will satiate your hunger and save your money as well . Wheat is also useful for curing appendix.index

Groundnuts-A small packet of groundnut costs rupees 33 . It can last for about a week . People working out can take it with breakfast in morning. Avoid its over consumption during summer but you can certainly treat it as a mid meal snack. It’s nutrient content is also high . It contains 166  calories ,7.8 grams of protein, 17.1 mg of calcium, 49.3 mg of magnesium ,and 4.3 grams of carbohydrate . It is  a statistics rich enough to entice  a health freak to include them in his daily diet. It has antioxidants and is rich in heart healthy fats but excess of it can cause gas and allergies so eat in moderation.


Eggs-It is an important inclusion in a diet for people seeking to get rid of  a lean body or getting a muscular one. It is cheapest bag of nutrients one can ever get. The best part is that it is tasty and silences the hunger. It has 72 units of calories,6.3 gram of protein ,6mg of magnesium and 28 mg of magnesium. It will cost you any day less than a  30 rupee MacDonald burger or roll or a plate of chole bhature. It can mold itself into delicious dishes like scrambled eggs, egg sandwich, egg bhurji or you can simply have boiled eggs but be cautious of their overdose in scorching heat.


Carrots– Carrots are very flexible as far as their servings are concerned . You can eat them as salad  and also use them for garnishing or as mixed vegetables with chapati. Carrots are extremely cheap and easy to eat. There energy value is very high as much as 41 k cal and 5.9 mg of vitamin C . It is also rich in carbohydrates and calcium. Carrots are very useful in improving eyesight and can be a pivotal part of folks wanting to loose weight as their fat content is low.

images jhgBanana-This is  no big secret that banana is the favorite remedy for people seeking to gain weight. It works as a magic wand for them . Banana is also great for people who workout usually they consume it along with milk in the form of shake.You would get a dozen of bananas for rupees 60 . You can eat it raw , mix it in a fruit chaat or make a shake of it. But the feeling suffering from cold , influenza or sinus should abstain from bananas. Bananas are very helpful in curing tuberculosis and alleviating heart pain. They have 450 mg of potassium ,0.3 mg of calcium and 9 mg of vitamin C .There is no reason why banana shouldn’t be a part of your diet unless you have sinus or something. It will give you more long lasting energy and nutrients than a plate of momos . Compare and see!


Melon-It is majorly available in summer season . It is tasty , sweet and just the kind of fruit you need to get over heat. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A . It is also rich in potassium and niacin.Melon is one of the richest fruits when it comes to nutrients . So when summers are going on you should be taking advantage of this heavenly fruit rather than investing in hamburgers, foot longs and energy drinks.


Curd- A small packet of curd will cost you 10 rupees. It definitely is a better investment than a 10 rupee Maggi which you mostly eat out of pleasure than hunger. Curd is an apt food for summers as it is very light.It has 61 units of calories. 5.1 gram of protein and 121mg of calcium. It helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure,it is also very effective in treating jaundice. This is not all the benefits of curd extend much beyond these two lines . It helps in curbing constipation and is effective for the patients of osteoporosis.nn




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