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We are all humans. Drunk on the idea that love and love alone can heal our brokenness. Man is a social animal. In this fast paced era, where we don’t even find enough time to spend with the family, how can we manage to make and maintain friends? I think, maintaining personal relationships is an art that requires a lot of effort. All of us ladies want to have a nice girls day out sometimes. But, it is not possible when we just don’t have any friends. This phase of the 20s is sort of difficult for us all. Half of us are having kids and the other half is too drunk to find their phones!! Both the types are just so different! Before being someone’s friend, lover, spouse- we are all individuals. We need our own space too, sometimes. This is the age when we become capable of establishing romantic relationships and balancing our girlfriends and your boyfriend/fiance/ husband becomes too difficult. Life drags us to different paths and slowly, we all grow up. Down the line, we do miss our friends, but we know there is no connection left anymore. Friendless, life becomes dull and demands refreshment. But you have been in the nut of your family life for so long that you have forgotten how to make friends. Then, what do you do? Give up? No, I do not think so!

We all live in a society with lots of people- both males and females. If we make an effort to find friends in our crowded cities, I am sure we can find at least one person we can call our friend. How to find these ‘friends’ you ask? Here are 5 situations where you can end up making new friends, that too without extending a LOT of effort. A simple smile and ‘hi’ normally does it.

1) Gym Buddies!

So, there is this female who comes to the same gym as yours and is normally on the treadmill right next to yours. You have been wanting to talk to her and make acquaintance but to no avail. Next time you do something new in the gym, example- squats, and you are not clear on the fundamentals, just ask her how squats are done. It gives you people a common thing to talk about.

2) Colleagues!

Yes, I know it is normally said that there should be a difference between your friends and your colleagues  and that your colleagues are not your friends, but I think that if when you see someone everyday, what is the harm of being friends with that person? Girls should stick together, after all.

3) Club Girls!

A new and innovative way of finding friends is to join a club! It can be a kitty or a book club, anything! That way, you get opportunities to strike a conversation with the person next to you. Being a member of the same club also signifies that you guys have the same interests. So, it is not like you’ll have an awkward conversation. Just relax and be your amazing self!

4) Friend of  the Boyfriend!

Why not? If you and your boyfriend can double date with your boyfriend’s best friend and his girlfriend, by a right of passage you should be pally with your boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend, too! (If you like her as a person, that is!) Slowly, turn the double dates into girls’ night and cocktail wonders!

5) Friend of a Friend!

The street goes both ways. You can ask your friend to invite his/her friends to some party as well! That way, you get to meet new people and form new relationships. Another way is to invite your bestie’s best friend to a lunch or something. You like your bestie (obviously) so, you might even hit it off with her friend!

The possibilities are endless. What we need to keep in mind is that making friends is not SO difficult that we give up. While we make new friends, we should probably ditch the ones who are only weighing us down. Ditch those friends who make you meaner. Ditch those friends who fill you up with negativity. Life should be bright and fun. Not dull and stressful.

Next time you feel like befriending someone, do not hesitate. Yes, do not act creepy. Do not overdo it. Just be who you are. The person you connect with, has to like you for who you are and not some twisted version of you!! Be kind and humble. Step out of the friendless zone and into ‘friendsville’. Life is too long to be spent alone. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, your girlfriends are never going to leave you alone and upset. Spend time with your friends and make them feel wanted. Sometimes, life will take you guys in opposite directions but, do not yield. Try and establish long standing friendships!!

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