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Friends-They Make Life Legendary


One wise man once said “Whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.” Okay, by wise man I meant Barney Stinson but true words aren’t they?

friends make life legendary

You can make me swear on this but friends are truly an irreplaceable part of our life. Sometimes it may feel like we can totally do without them but we just can’t and they won’t even let us. They are not just our emotional support and our guiding light or a companion but they also make our life all the more fun and worth wile. God knows what we would do without them!

They turn our sad days into happy and our happy days into fabulous! And what they are really good at doing is making the most insignificant of the things worth remembering for a lifetime by adding a huge punch of awesomeness in it!

Don’t believe me? Just replay some of the best or the most hilarious moments happened in your life. Maybe the funniest incidents or your best of stories, or when you really had the time of your life. Would had it been even half the fun if your friends weren’t a part of them? Would had it been enjoyable at all? Nah! That’s just something which happens only if you are accompanied by your favorite bunch of friends. Because only they can make your life awesome the way they do.

We have all sorts of friends. The bossy one, a mean one, the one with all the evil deadly ideas, an unbelievably hilarious one, the nerd who gets all the jokes a week later but is somehow the smartest, the always caring for you one and so many more. But somewhere each one of them plays a unique role in our social life. And it’s only the perfectly combined cocktail of all these friends with the dash of awesomeness which keeps our life not just going but kicking and rolling! If I take a look at my friends then I also happen to have a well-diversified clique. And when we all are together we always end up having hell lot of unadulterated fun and creating some insane (sometimes wild!) memories.

friends make life legendary 2

With friends every-day things just seem to reach a whole new level of awesomeness. Yeah, the fights too! Ooh, they are intense! But seriously isn’t it? Even if it’s just supposed to be a random eat out at McDonald’s and everyone is keenly concentrating on their burgers, licking the cheese and sipping the ice teas and then one of them says something silly and everyone bursts out in laughter. You would not even get the time to figure out that when a normal conversation transformed into a laughing riot! It’s just craziness and awesomeness reigning all over!

Last time when I was with my bunch of friends we were at a 2 day trip outside town. And gosh it was crazy! Though I love my family and going on holidays with them but the things we did during those 2 days, I could have never experienced them ever with my parents and sibling. And I’m certain that though the ending of our final exams and a weekend getaway was what got everyone excited but actually it was the fact that we were all together and in our usual lunatic frame of minds which caused us to have that kind of a blast! Dude, we totally went bananas!

Isn’t that what we all always do when we are with our friends? Not a care in the world but just a herd of crazy heads willing to cross any limit of stupidity just to have some harmless fun!

Don’t get me wrong here but I do recognize that there are also times of despair among friends and there isn’t always smooth sailing but it also gets a little bumpy, sometime way too much bumpy but that’s just something which brings us all even closer. Arguments, conflicts, misunderstandings, they happen all the time but still all the good things always manage to overpower the bad ones.

friends make life legendary 3

Having a great set of friends whom you can truly call yours is certainly a blessing and you should be thankful for this. Because someday when you are mourning over a bad breakup it will be your awesome set of friends who will be planning to seek a dirty revenge on your ex or trying to set you up with an even hotter person! Or when you are trying to be all emotional and philosophical about life and universe, it will be your awesome friends who will take you to the coolest bar and will get you wasted like never before. But that doesn’t mean that they are always up for just fun or meaningless ‘activities’ but also when you really need a person to rely upon, share your stories with, or somebody to save you from a nervous breakdown, it will be your awesome group of friends standing on your door in the middle of the night with a bag of chips, drinks and ears!

And that my friend is what makes life LEGENDARY!

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