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For the love of fairy tales!


I sincerely hope that there are some serious book lovers out there. Books are selfless. They make us laugh, cry, wonder, confused and what not. Books are a soothing balm which relieves us from our daily work stress. They are engrossing and captivating. Books are selfless. Remember that time when you were young and your mother used to read fairy tales to you? Can you deny the fact that those memories make a major part of the best memories of your life till date? Can you? Did you not like sleeping, listening to your mother talk about angels, goblins, trolls, elves and all? Did the story not fan your imagination? I am sure no matter what age a person reaches, he/ she will always love these very fairy tales. I think books are like that universal language that everyone understands in one way or the other. The Cinderella story that we hear in India, the same is told in other countries like United Kingdom or the United States of America. There is no cultural difference where these fairy tales are concerned. I really hope I am touching a chord here. I, personally, loved those fairy tales. I remember my mother tucking me up in the blanket on a cold winter night. I remember her telling me those amazing fairy tales, Enid Blyton stories. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, The Secret Island- these are some of the stories I grew up listening to.

In this world today, new is replacing the old in so many uncountable ways. There are new stories being written everyday. But, the ones that we were told, they remain as they were. Intact and evergreen. Are we not proud that the stories we were told have stood the test of time? Now, the fairy tales are changing. The female no longer needs a white knight. She holds her own. Sometimes, it is the prince who needs the rescuing. From pretty books to animated films, the fairy tale characters have been brought to life. Have you seen Tangled? Frozen? Brave? These beautiful movies are all women centric. Times are changing. But, with the changing times, I hope we do not forget the stories that have brought us here. So, to keep the spark alive and pass this torch of wonderful fairy tales to the coming generation, I would like to talk about a few stories that have made a deep impact on my mind.

1) Jack and the Beanstalk

Simple because it is fun and a good story. The story goes like : Jack gets his hands of a few magic beans and manages to grow a huge tree out of it. He climbs up the tree till he reaches the clouds and sees a giant. He manages to steal a few coins as the giant is busy sleeping but as he is about to leave, the giant wakes up and faces him. Since Jack is small, he runs away from the giant, down the bean stalk and cuts it so that the giant is not able to come down. This is my brother’s favorite story. It is short and makes the wheels of imagination run like crazy! I am sure the kids will love it.

2) Cinderella

Can you tell me one girl who does not like Cinderella? She is like the Kate Middleton of the adult world. The story goes like this: There is a young and beautiful girl named Cinderella, who lives with her step mother and two step sisters. One fine evening, all the ladies are busy getting ready for a ball at the palace. Cinderella wants to go but she can’t because she has no clothes to wear and also, her step mother is a cruel woman who makes her work like a slave. She meets her fairy godmother who helps her dress up and tell her she has to be back by midnight. During the ball, Cinderella meets the charming prince and falls head over heals. The clock strikes twelve and she runs back, leaving behind a glass slipper. The prince finds her and marries her. This story is the definition of love for young girls.

3) Red Riding Hood

We all know this story. Little Red Riding Hood leaves the house with her mother’s warning of not talking to strangers. She meets a wolf on the way and innocently tells him where she is headed. When she reaches her destination, she finds that the wolf has eaten her grandmother and then, the wolf launches itself on her as well. She screams and is heard by a local hunter. This hunter rescues her and her grandmother. The moral of the story is that one should always listen to their parents. Well, simple enough, right? That, too, with such a strong moral. This story tells the children that they should always be obedient.

After the classic tales, I would like to discuss the two recent fairy tales ‘with a twist’.  Namely, Tangled and Frozen. I know that old is classic and traditional. But, it never hurts to slightly stray from the path of traditional and do something a little fun and new, does it?


I really hope that your entire family has seen this movie. It is so much fun. We see the princess fighting with the goons, dancing with the ogres and the works! This movie has no handsome prince but a petty thief, who falls in love with Rapunzel. We see her magic hair. In the movie, her hair is not something that she throws to the prince so he could climb up the tower. Her hair possess magic and have the capability of healing people. She is no damsel in distress!


I recently saw this one and was blown away. The story of two princesses. One, who has the magic power of freezing anything and everything and the other, who tries to find her and get her back. The movie shows the precious love that two siblings share. Even this story has no charming prince but, a normal guy and works in the ice business. In fact, in this movie, the only prince is actually the villain. Talk about role changes! I’d say that this movie, its story, totally deserves to be preserved just like the old fairy tales that have been passed on since centuries.

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